From the Classroom to the Boardroom: Exploring Career Advancement and Specialized Skill Development with a Master’s Degree in HR

As the field of Human Resources (HR) continues to grow and evolve, many HR professionals are considering whether pursuing a Master’s Degree in HR is worth the investment. One such option is the SHRI Academy, a renowned institution offering various HR-related programs. In this blog post, we will explore whether pursuing a Master’s Degree in HR taught by Edinburg Napier University in joint collaboration with SHRI Academy is worth it and what factors one should consider before making a decision.

Taught by faculty lecturers, it is a 6 months part-time program that is conducted in the CBD area, making it accessible to Singapore HR professionals. This program is designed to provide students with a comprehensive understanding of human resource management and its role in organizations.

Edinburgh Napier University is known for its strong reputation in the field of business and management education, providing students with a high-quality education and practical skills. It is one of the most innovative universities in the UK and has been ranked in the top 20 for employability in the UK. This program is unique as it combines the study of human resource management with organisational psychology, providing students with a holistic understanding of the field. This unique combination of subjects will equip students with the knowledge, skills and confidence to become effective human resource professionals in any organization.

What Are Your Career Goals?

The first factor to consider when deciding whether to pursue a Master’s Degree in HR with SHRI Academy is your career goals. If you aspire to hold a leadership position in HR or specialize in a specific area of HR such as talent management, employee relations, or compensation and benefits, a Master’s Degree in HR may be beneficial. The program at SHRI Academy is designed to equip students with the skills and knowledge required to excel in various HR roles and prepare them for senior-level positions.

What Are the Education and Skill Requirements for Your Desired Position?

The education and skill requirements for HR positions vary based on the job level and industry. Some positions may require only a Bachelor’s Degree in HR or a related field, while others may require a Master’s Degree. It is crucial to research the education and skill requirements for your desired position to determine if a Master’s Degree in HR from SHRI Academy would be valuable. Additionally, SHRI Academy offers a curriculum that focuses on developing essential HR skills such as talent management, strategic HR, employee relations, and more.

Past SHRI Academy Graduates Who Have Fared Well in Their Career After Attaining a Master’s Degree in HR

SHRI Academy has a strong reputation for producing successful HR professionals. Many alumni have gone on to hold senior leadership positions in various industries such as banking, healthcare, manufacturing, and more:

  1. Anthea Tan – Career Advisor – Postgraduate Team at NUS Business School
  2. Sri Hadisti – Group Head of Talent Acquisition and Employer Branding at HappyFresh
  3. Melanie Lim – HR Business Partner at Resorts Worlds Sentosa
  4. Wei Ren Goh – Head of Rewards APMEA incl. GC at Signify

Advantages to Earning a Master’s Degree in HR

There are several advantages to earning a Master’s Degree in HR from SHRI Academy, including:

  1. Specialized knowledge and skills: The program offers specialized courses that provide students with in-depth knowledge and skills required for various HR roles.
  2. Career advancement: A Master’s Degree in HR can enhance career advancement opportunities and open doors to senior leadership positions.
  3. Networking opportunities: SHRI Academy offers networking opportunities with HR professionals and alumni from different industries, which can help students build their professional network.
  4. Competitive advantage: With an increasing number of HR professionals in the job market, having a Master’s Degree in HR can give candidates a competitive advantage.

Summing It All Up: Should You Get a Master’s Degree in HR?

Ultimately, whether to pursue a Master’s Degree in HR with SHRI Academy depends on an individual’s career goals, education and skill requirements for their desired position, and personal circumstances. However, SHRI Academy offers a reputable and valuable Master’s Degree in HR program, which can equip students with specialized knowledge, skills, and networking opportunities. As the HR industry continues to evolve, pursuing a Master’s Degree in HR with SHRI Academy can provide HR professionals with a competitive edge and increase their career advancement opportunities.