SHRI Individual Membership Tiers

Professional - MSHRI

A person may qualify for Professional Membership if he has at least three years’ approved experience in human resource management as prescribed by the Council.


Any person who is concerned with or involved in human resource management and/or development in an executive, academic or advisory capacity acceptable to the Council shall be eligible for Associate Membership.

Additional SHRI Individual Membership Information

CategoryEntrance FeeAnnual Subscription Fee
Professional Retirees-S$37.45
Associate Retirees-S$26.75

All fees quoted are inclusive of 7% GST.

All individual membership applications have to be enclosed with a cheque payment (including 7% GST rate) of S$214.00 (one-time entrance fee) make payable to ‘SHRI’.

Annual Subscriptions

Annual Subscriptions are payable annually on 1 January each year but not later than the date of the Annual General Meeting. Applicant approved on or after 31 January shall only be required to pay the proportionate amount of the prescribed subscription to that year. Members shall pay the annual subscriptions within the said period to be eligible to vote at the Annual General Meeting. No refund shall be made in respect of the remaining portion of the calendar year from the date of withdrawal.

Upgrading of Membership

An Associate Member may make an application at any time to the Institute for upgrading to ‘Professional Member’ status with an upgrading fee of S$53.50 (include 7% GST).

Cessation and Re-institution of Membership

Unless given official leave of absence, a member who has not paid his subscription after three written reminders have been sent to his/her last address registered with the Institute, shall cease to be a member and his/her name shall be removed from the Roll of Members. Such member will have to submit a fresh application, together with the requisite fees, for re-admission.

Category1 Year Renewal*2 Year Renewal*3 Year Renewal*

*Above fees are inclusive of 7% GST.

If you would like to renew your membership, kindly contact [email protected].

SHRI offers 2 categories of Individual Membership based on your qualifying criteria: Associate or Professional Member. Below are some of your privileges:

  • Access SHRI Content Resources for HR Community: Free viewership and downloads of our past webinars and articles/tips
  • Complimentary/ Discounted rates for our webinar and events. A calendar of events for 2022 is also available
  • Attend Members-Only Exclusive Networking events (Limited Slots Available)
  • Discounted rates for rental of SHRI’s centrally located training room facilities and specialised workshops
  • HR Related services at discounted/ special rates or trial period from HR Tech Vendors
  • Credits worth $200 for SHRI Academy (Excluding Bachelors/Masters and SSG Funded Programmes) & SHRI Corporation, Training Room Rental and SHRI paid events (T&C applies – paid events excluding HR Awards, fee is valid for one-year only, not applicable to any promotional membership or student membership)
  • Network with Members and Senior Industry Leaders through our Membership Directory/Events/ Linkedin Exclusive Closed Group

Other Membership Types

Honorary Life - Hon. MSHRI

To be bestowed on an honorary basis on the person who has rendered distinguished service to the Institute and/or the community.

Fellow - FSHRI

FSHRI — to be conferred upon a Professional Member who has achieved eminence in the practice of human resource management and/or development or has distinguished himself/herself by contributing to the body of knowledge relating to human resource management and/or development.