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SHRI Member Spotlight – Hafiza Abdul Majid
Hafiza Abdul Majid is a HR Manager at Why by Lonsdale that is part of Lonsdale, an independent brand consultancy and design agency in Europe and Asia, with a team of 250 people specializing in consumer, corporate and retail branding. Here in the Singapore office, they are experts in brand identity and packaging design, from […]
Career Advancement Possibilities with a Bachelor’s Degree in HR
Human Resource Management is a vital field that plays a crucial role in the success of any organization. It is the backbone of any business and is responsible for managing and developing the most important resource of any company- its people. And it would require not just experience but also solid foundations in HR knowledge […]
From the Classroom to the Boardroom: Exploring Career Advancement and Specialized Skill Development with a Master’s Degree in HR
As the field of Human Resources (HR) continues to grow and evolve, many HR professionals are considering whether pursuing a Master’s Degree in HR is worth the investment. One such option is the SHRI Academy, a renowned institution offering various HR-related programs. In this blog post, we will explore whether pursuing a Master’s Degree in […]

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Cedric Chew

Deputy Executive Director

Cedric is an experienced tri-sector leader with cross-domain success in set-up, operations, organizational development, change management/transformation, accelerated sustainable growth, and strategic hyper-collaborative partnership building. As a daring and imaginative first-mover aggregator, catalyst, and multiplier, he co-/leads multi-disciplinary teams within and across enterprises and ecosystems.

Cedric has spent nearly four decades helping the poor and growing individuals and organizations, notably through collaborative and transformative techniques. He has led in public, corporate, and non-profit sectors, including TOUCH Community Services, MINDS, The Salvation Army, and now SHRI.

Cedric led a government-supported national private-people partnership to help tens of thousands of migrant guest workers, homeless and vulnerable children, youth, women, and families during Singapore’s Bicentennial (2019) and Covid-19 epidemic. As chairman of the Migrant Workers Ministry Alliance (MWMA) and citizen initiator-founder of the award-winning Project Providence (President’s award 2020; NVPC), he mobilized the tri-sector for humanitarian disaster relief in India, Sri Lanka, Bangladesh, China, Vietnam, Myanmar, and Malaysia.

Cedric is humbled by the good hearts and relentless efforts of many stakeholders, partners, and volunteers in his decades-long journey of socio-economic contribution. He’s married, has a daughter, and loves community, heritage, animals, and nature.



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