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Building a culture of Versatile Resilience©: An Executive-Level

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24 Oct 2023



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In today’s rapidly changing and unpredictable business landscape, organizations face a variety of challenges that can threaten their survival, from natural disasters to cyberattacks to economic downturns.

The ability to adapt and recover quickly is critical for success.

The key element that leaders depend on most, is their employees ability to weather these adversities and achieve results no matter what. When the waters in which these employees swim and thrive is muddied or become toxic, the fish eventually die. Organization culture is often likened to the water.

A culture of Versatile Resilience© is the opposite of toxic work culture.

Who Should Attend?

This Master Class is designed for executives, senior leaders and managers from large organizations and SMEs who are responsible for managing people, revenue, costs and profits. To ensure the long-term success of their organization.








10:00 AM – 12:30 PM / Coffee & Tea will be provided.

Focal Topics

Learning Objectives:

  • Versatile Resilient© Culture gives an organization the ability to
    • Anticipate (create and monitor leading employee behavioural response to business risk and opportunities)
    • Mitigate (rapidly correcting damaging behaviours adhering to corporate values in a positive, ethical, and wellbeing way to ensure long-term success and sustainability)
    • Recompose (re-normalize behaviours to the post-situation state while adhering to corporate values in a positive, ethical, and Wellbeing way to ensure long-term success and sustainability)
  • . . .in the face of present and future significant and unexpected challenges or disruptions.

Course Outlines:

  • The Masterclass provides executives and managers the opportunities to learn critical business lessons in a safe environment and critique some of the organizations called out: What values were breached | “What would you do differently” version 1 The application of the learning comes from revisiting “What they would do differently” to get version 2, with the newly learnt Cognito-behavioural skills. Use the knowledge and tools necessary to revisit their corporate values. The outcome of the workshop is a list of ‘Re-think’, ‘say’ ‘do’ adjustments that participants will take away that can be applied immediately. The consistent application of these adjusted behaviours over time will result in a much more harmonious, resilient and versatile work culture. A culture that embodies Versatile Resilience© accepts business adversities as the norm and is confident to grapple with it and overcome it.
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Learning Methodology

Combination of presentations, case studies, interactive exercises, and group discussions.


Face-to-face at SHRI
137 Cecil Street

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Our Trainer

Gurunath Hari MBA, PGDDS

Head of Practise | People strategy
Emineo Pursuits, Singapore

Backed by 20 years in sales and leadership roles, 7 years in Talent and Learning, 4 years as a successful entrepreneur, Gurunath embarked on a new career direction in 2011 and has never looked back. He is now a data scientist, human capital strategist with broad industry exposure spanning manufacturing to sales to people management and has worked in both national and multinational companies in India, UAE, and home in Singapore. He is engaged in mentoring high tech successful startups like 1 Cloud Hub Pte Ltd.

Gurunath has an excellent appreciation of the challenging environments and the enormous pressure under which leaders need to perform and can assist to ease some burdens and facilitate in evolving and transforming teams and organizations, rapidly. He is most effective in developing sales and leadership talent, helping build the ‘whole person’ to be better leaders, Increase productivity and performance excellence using the principles of Peakism. He helps cross cultural teams improve performance and productivity in their regions and offer support for behavioral change which leads to wins in highly competitive markets.

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