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SHRI Academy Scholarships are awarded to students with outstanding academic achievements. The scholarships provide high caliber local and international students with the opportunity to develop their full potential. The scholarships are awarded to qualified students on the basis of academic merit, leadership potential, special talents or other personal characteristics.

Scholarship is applicable to new intakes commencing in mid-Apr 2023 across the 3 programmes

Who is this for?

  1. New Students (inclusive of CHRM and BAHRM with OP graduates in 2022); and
  2. Book prize for our 2022 Certificate Medallists

Only the following programmes will be eligible for scholarship:

Eligibility criteria

The decision to grant a scholarship is based on the following criteria:

  1. Meet the Minimum Entry Requirement of the programme.
  2. Singapore citizen.
  3. Awards / Certificate of Commendation from Employer or School.
  4. Have a good conduct.
  5. Not currently in receipt of any other scholarship or company sponsorship.
  6. Must pass all modules prescribed and complete the course within the specified duration. Failing which, you are required to pay back the scholarship amount to SHRI Academy

The number of scholarships to be awarded is limited to four scholarships.

The scholarship is awarded at the discretion of SHRI Academy.

SHRI Academy reserves the rights to make changes to the above eligibility criteria.

Application Submission

Interested applicants are required to submit the following:

  1. Soft copies of education certificates and transcripts. Please enclose certified English translations if your academic transcripts and certificates are in a language other than English. 
  2. For Singaporean: Copy of NRIC (front and back) 
  3. Copy of CV/Resume outlining working experience (where applicable)
  4. Cover letter of not more than 500 words stating the reason for scholarship application

Submission Window

Cut-off Period
Intake Month

31 Mar 2023

Mid-April 2023

Terms & Conditions

New students’ applications:

  1. DHRLBP x 4 recipients (Course Fees: $5,000 [$1,666.66 for 3rd Instalment])
  2. DOP x 4 recipients (Course Fees: $5,000 [$1,666.66 for 3rd Instalment])
  3. PGDip x 4 recipients (Course Fees: $5,153.36 [$2,576.68 at 50%])

Book prize to our 2022 Certificate Medallists* (for their exemptional good academic results), for their progression.

*(Course Fees: $5,000 [$1,666.66 for 3rd Instalment]) with the option to choose either DHRLBP or DOP.

For DHRLBP and DOP: SHRI Academy will still collect Course Fee for 1st and 2nd Instalments. The scholarship will cover their Course Fee for 3rd Instalment only. Application Fee and Miscellaneous Fees with GST still apply.

For PGDip: SHRI Academy will collect the 50% of Course Fee. Only the balanced 50% will be covered by scholarship. Application Fee and Miscellaneous Fees with GST still apply.

Students must complete the programme and pass all modules to be eligible for the scholarship. If the student fails to fulfil, SHRI Academy reserves the rights to claim back the scholarship portion.