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We continuously strive for your experience at SHRI Academy. With the information provided here, feed your inquiries and discover all aspects of your life as a student.

Student Matters


We Will Assist Our Students However We Can

At SHRI Academy, we are committed to providing quality Service for the Holistic advancement of the HR profession, with Respect and Integrity. We provide a range of service that will enhance your experience at SHRI Academy.


Useful Information For Students

Admission Process & Procedure

Confidentiality of Student’s Data

Student Contract

Fee Payment Policy

Protection of Course Fee

Transfer/ Withdrawal/Deferment Policy & Procedures

Refund Policy & Procedures

Student Feedback and Dispute Resolution Process & Procedure

AS OF 20 February 2024

List of Current Lecturers Registered with CPE

COVID-19 Precautions

The Safety and Health of Our Students are Our Utmost Priority

In line with the government’s directives on COVID-19 safety measures, SHRI Academy’s classes will either be carried out virtually or face-to-face. Please check with our Secretariat on the delivery mode of your programme before enrolment.

Click here for SHRI Academy FAQ on COVID-19.

Student Welfare

Student Welfare

At SHRI Academy, The Welfare Of Our Students Is Our Top Priority

The welfare, satisfaction and learning aspirations of our students are important to us. Hence, as Student Member of the Institute, our students can benefit from a vibrant network of experts and peers to sharpen their competitive edge and keep abreast of the latest and the best in the knowledge and practice of HR management and issues through our free publications and special talks.

All new students will be given a the URL link to our website on the Student Handbook, which provides all administrative details with regards to payment of course fees, refund and transfer policy, class attendance, deferment, course schedule and evaluation; as well as Examination Policy & Graduation; Student Conduct; Student Fee Protection Scheme; Government Support Schemes; SHRI Membership Privileges and other general information – including contact persons, numbers and how to go about raising concerns or seeking redress as shown below.

Click here for SHRI Student Handbook.

Student Benefits

Student Benefits

The Benefits That All Students Are Entitled To

Being a student of SHRI Academy enitiles you to many benefits for signing up in larger groups.

Bring a friend Scheme

Enjoy rewards when your friend embarks on a learning journey with SHRI!

Please click here to view Bring a friend Scheme.

Group study Grant

10% Savings on Course Fee for Sign-ups in Group of 3 & more

Please click here to view Group study Grant.

Progression wavier is applicable for students who sign for any other programmes within 12 months from date of graduation.


Student Guidance & Counseling

Student Advisory Affairs & Support


Classroom capacity

Classroom Number

Floor Area (in m2)

Maximum Capacity

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TR 4 (Level 9)



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