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We are pleased to share the recordings from our webinars conducted in 2020.

Some webinar recordings are locked and the passwords are provided below each webinar description.

#infoHR Webinar Series: When Home Becomes the Workplace

22 April 2020

Health Sciences Authority Director, Engagement, Innovation and Professional Development and Cell Therapy Facility, Ms Sarojini and SHRI Executive Director, Mr Alvin Goh, shared about the importance overview of psychological impact and well-being while working from Home.

Password: 22Apr_infoHR

#infoHR Webinar Series: How Organisations can drive productivity in a WFH setting?

30 April 2020

Our speakers Adrian Tan, Practice Leader from PeopleStrong and May Leng Kwok, Regional Head, APAC from CIPD shared tips & tools to improve your telecommuting experience as well as HR practices to drive employee engagement during and after COVID-19.

Password: 30Apr_infoHR

#infoHR Webinar Series: Leveraging Budget 2020 for Employers

6 May 2020

Grace Huang and Zhang Jiaming from the Employment Tax team at PwC Singapore Global Mobility Services Team shared an overview of the COVID-19 fiscal measures introduced by IRAS and CPF Board. Evangeline Tan and Lee Pei Xi from e2i discussed about the Job Security Council through an Adapt and Grow initiative.

Password: 6May_infoHR

Fireside Chat: Career and Skills Reflection (Webinar)

15 May 2020

Our panellists Adrian Lim, an ICF Professional certified Coach and Chris Keek, Senior Director at BTI Executive Search shared their opinion on the current job market trends and navigating through these uncertain times with resilience and positivity.

#1 – SHRI Connects with Experts

20 May 2020

SHRI collaborated with Stories of Asia (SOA) on our first SHRI Connects with Experts for a live chat with industry experts Sudhanshu Tewari, Co-Founder and CEO at Rewardz, Daniel Chia, Head of Human Resources at Samsung Asia Pte Ltd and Alvin Goh, Executive Director at SHRI.

Hosted by Sam Neo, CEO & Co-Founder of Stories of Asia (SOA), our speakers exchanged opinions on how organisations will lead their workplaces to adapt to changes in the post-COVID-19 landscape.

#infoHR Webinar Series: Maintaining Mental Resilience during COVID-19

22 May 2020

Our speakers, Calista Roch, Manager of SAMH Community Education & Engagement from Singapore Association for Mental Health (SAMH) shared on embracing challenges with resilience and Erin Lee, Founder of Mindful Moments discussed how mindfulness supports mental and emotional well-being.

Password: 22May_infoHR

#infoHR Webinar Series: Returning to Workplace – Post-Circuit Breaker

29 May 2020

COVID-19 has driven changes into the world of work that we never anticipated. With the gradual ease of restrictions post-Circuit Breaker, returning to the workplace is imminent and organisations may have to be prepared for a new way of work moving forward. Our speakers Prabjeet Singh Anand, CEO at PeopleCentral and Alvin Goh, Executive Director at SHRI, as they share more about Returning to Workplace in the perspective of a HR and Tech Solution Provider.

Password: 29May_infoHR

#2 – SHRI Connects with Experts

3 June 2020

Our speakers Ms Low Peck Kem, President of SHRI, Chief HR Officer & Advisor (Workforce Development) of Public Service Division and Mr Shawn Tan, HR Director SEA of Under Armour exchanged opinions on productive longevity and how to achieve employability resilience; in this VUCA world and technology advancement.

SHRI Webinar: Preview to Humanising the Workplace programme

12 June 2020

SHRI is partnering with Expert Humans to launch a two-day programme, “Humanising the Workplace”. The course will be conducted by Michael Jenkins, CEO of Expert Humans and a thought-leader in Human Capital Leadership. Michael provided a preview to the two-day programme and outlines “The Business Case for Altruism, Compassion and Empathy in the Workplace”.

Password: 12Jun_PreHum

#3 – SHRI Connects with Experts

26 June 2020

Our speakers Ms Genevieve Godwin, Chief People Officer of PropertyGuru Group, and Mr Paul Choo, Vice President (HR&CSR) of Bridgestone Asia Pacific shared their organisation’s experiences in returning to the workplace during Phase two of Singapore’s Safe Reopening, including how their organisations tackled challenges as they transition from remote working and adjusted their workforce to a post circuit breaker setting.

#infoHR Webinar Series: The Shifting Norm of Talent Acquisition

30 June 2020

The talent acquisition landscape has been severely affected by the pandemic, shifting hiring to a remote setting where it was once only a requirement for global hiring. Now, remote hiring has become the new norm even within the same location. How do we get used to this standard while ensuring there remains a “human connection” via online mode?

Our speakers Sanjoe Tom Jose, HR Tech Thought Leader and CEO at Talview and Edlyn Wee, Associate Director for Strategic Accounts Operations at Kelly Services as they share how job seekers and recruiters could overcome the challenges in today’s hiring landscape.

Password: 30Jun_infoHR

#infoHR Webinar Series – Driving Digital Dexterity

14 August 2020

While change is a constant element of work and life, the COVID-19 pandemic has altered the employee experience everywhere, forcing us to quickly adapt to the rapid changes. This may overwhelm many and in the midst of a systemic shift in how we work, leveraging on digital technologies should be widely adopted to prepare our employees for the future. By being proactive in the way we work, we can envision the new workplace we want to create. Our speakers from Citrix and Microsoft shared their expertise on discovering the new normal of business continuity.

Password: 14Aug_infoHR

#infoHR Webinar Series: Performance Post Pandemic

25 September 2020

As the COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted the global economic activity, government mandates have been encouraging organisations to adopt work-from-home strategies. The alternative workplace has changed where and how people work – in turn, impacted the way Human Resource Professionals conduct Talent Performance Management.

Our speakers from Darwinbox and SHRI shared their expertise on adapting to the new normal of business continuity.

Password: 25Sep_infoHR

Preview Webinar to The Glass Labyrinth

1 October 2020

SHRI is partnering with Expert Humans and Praxis Management Consulting to offer a two-day programme, “The Glass Labyrinth – Advancing Women’s Leadership in Asia for the benefit of all”, facilitated by Michael Jenkins and Joyce Jenkins of Expert Humans and Dr Robyn Wilson of Praxis Management Consulting. Our facilitators provided a brief overview of what will be covered during the programme and an introduction to some of the special guests whom will be invited to speak to the participants of the programme.

#infoHR Webinar Series – Holistic Compensation

9 October 2020

As the forefront of organisations, HR has to juggle payroll and rewards management alongside promoting employee morale and team motivation, especially in today’s uncertain environment. Processing monthly payroll also comes with operations bottlenecks that many HR struggle with.

Our expert speakers from Unit4 and Rewardz shared about effective payroll & reward system strategies in the new normal of work.

Password: 9Oct_infoHR

SHRI Webinar: Fair Consideration Framework (FCF)

21 October 2020

As a meritocratic society with a workforce diverse in ethnicity, religion, age and gender, Singapore has always strived to highlight the importance of fair employment. The recent debate and concerns over rising job insecurity during this pandemic and competition for jobs between locals and foreigners has further emphasised the need for organisations to be more transparent and fair in their hiring and employment practices.

Our industry leader speakers shared their thoughts and guidance on responsible employment in these challenging times.

Password: 21Oct_FCF

#infoHR Webinar Series: Strategic Manpower Planning in the new normal

28 October 2020

The workforce is an organisation’s important asset, and having a strategic manpower plan is important to carry out and meet operational goals. With businesses affected by the pandemic, HR Professionals and Business Leaders have to continually reshape and proactively plan their workforce to be more agile during the pandemic and beyond. Our expert speakers from Unit4 and Mercer shared how to implement and review a robust workforce plan for the future.

Password: 28Oct_infoHR

#infoHR Webinar Series: Performance Review for effective team alignment

13 November 2020

Performance Management is a constant and vital function of an organisation. Especially so in the current pandemic where HR & Managers have to manage their teams remotely with “Work from Home” as a new working arrangement. As relationships and performance are integral parts of work, communication is key to driving business success among teams.

Our speakers from PeopleStrong, MatchMove and NETS Group shared their expertise on how to improve your organisation’s performance management.

Password: 13Nov_infoHR

SHRI & WSG Employers Connect Webinar: Enhancing Organisation Capability for 2021

20 November 2020

In our current climate, many businesses are affected by the pandemic and managing manpower is one of the top concerns. Our speakers shared their advices on enhancing your manpower’s capability for long-term organisation stability.

WSG also shared various support programmes under the SGUnited Jobs and Skills package, as well as programmes and services such as Career Trial and P-Max to aid businesses in 2021.

Password: 20Nov_EmpCon

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