Specialised Workshops

List of Specialised Workshops

Conducting Effective Performance Appraisal

Performance Appraisal is a time where managers, supervisors and staff come together to evaluate the performance of the agreed objectives. An effective appraisal will motivate employees, retain staff, develop employees, and achieve outstanding performance in an organisation.

The performance management system is more than just evaluating staff performance. A performance management system is a comprehensive approach, starting from setting objectives, monitoring performance, evaluating performance, and developing training and development plan. To have an effective performance management system that will motivate, retain and develop staff; manager, supervisors or staff who have to do appraisal must see the process as a total system to be effective for the organisation.

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Competency-based Interview & Selection Techniques

In this current challenging business environment, employing the right individual for the organisation is crucial. Hiring the wrong individual not only have an impact on the cost of operation, but also on the morale, productivity, and efficiency of the organisation.

A critical step in employee selection is the interviewing and selection process. The Competency-based Interview and Selection Technique focuses on the applicant past actions or behaviour in relation to the competencies or skills required for the job applied. Through this method, hiring is more structured and focused; rather than based on guess-work, potential bias or discrimination.

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Counselling Skills for HR Professionals

In today’s complex working world, HR professionals definitely need to be equipped with counselling skills other than just dealing with staff selection, appraisal, training etc. as they also have to handle employee’s grievances, conflicts between employees and poor performance.

These counselling skills would help HR professionals to handle employee’s grievances, conflicts or performance-related problems in ways that not only it rectifies the situation but also increase employee’s productivity. HR professionals would also be able to handle disciplinary matters more competently.

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Create a Coaching Culture in your Organisation

Creating a coaching culture focuses on shifting unwritten rules, values, norms, behaviours and practices to cultivate and grow a coaching mindset throughout the organisation. It is with the objective that coaching becomes an integral part of the company’s identity. A coaching culture improves the way employees interact with one other and their interactions with customers and potential clients. A coaching culture enables radical organisational transformation by building coaching skills and fostering coaching conversations daily.

Discover how building a coaching culture in an organisation is as simple as following a four-step process. This workshop explores various team coaching approaches, the traits of a growth mindset and the attributes needed for a high performing team. The workshop will conclude with an action plan to build a coaching culture.

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Develop Strategic Executive Compensation

This course provides human resources professional a comprehensive overview of executive compensation. Enables participants to contribute to design a more effective compensation system. Participants will explore best practices for aligning executive pay to business strategy and company goals and for meeting shareholder expectations. You will learn about the impact of COVID-19 on executive compensation and treatments of equity plans in the events of retrenchment. You will get a complimentary summary copy of Singapore CEOs Remuneration report which collated all the listed companies remuneration level for CEOs.

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Enterprise Risk and Crisis Management for HR Professionals

  • Develop a good overview of a holistic approach in implementing a firm wide risk management framework within an organisation. This include designing procedures and policies to manage PEOPLE risk holistically.
  • Deep dive into how organisation can implement an effective risk framework that is fit for purpose. Application based with hands on exercises using the Risk Work Book.
  • Dedicated deep dive session in applying risk management knowledge into managing PEOPLE related risk and crisis management (pre and post).
  • Using hands-on scenario analysis in managing PEOPLE related risk and crisis management. This done through the Risk Playbook.
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HR Consulting Skills

Calling all HR professionals wanting to move from a transactional role into a business partnering model to become effective internal consultants.
Enrol in a two-day facilitator led programme in HR Consulting Skills at SHRI New Premises! This workshop aims to help participants develop capabilities to understand business needs, to challenge and ask the right questions and ultimately, translate business needs into actionable solutions to provide impact.
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Implementation of Flexible Wage System (FWS) to drive productivity

A Reward System in an organisation must be linked and driven by its performance and productivity. This course will be useful for employers and employees who are managing, directly or indirectly handling the Reward System in your organisation. We are introducing and covering the Flexible Wage System (FWS) which includes its philosophy, development, and implementation into an organisation.

The contents are specifically designed to first provide participants with a clear understanding of the mechanisms of the FWS and will subsequently cover the practical steps of how to implement such a system in an organisational context. Finally, we will cover the necessary steps to link high performance and productivity to such an FWS.

At the end of the course, participants would be well equipped with the necessary knowledge and understanding on how to implement the FWS into an organisation.

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Introduction To Employment Standards Compliance Audit

Effective risk management is built on good understanding of organisation capabilities and weaknesses.

Preparation for human resource audits is effective way to identify and manage current and potential risks relating to Employment Act and overall people management.

Employment law in Singapore is subject to to constant review and change that come with it, and the requirements are continually shifting.

The 1-day training prepare employers to take a proactive approach to periodically review and update HR documentation and processes to ensure continued compliance.

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Leader as a Coach for High Performing Teams

In the face of rapid, disruptive change, companies are realising that leaders cannot be expected to have all the answers and that command-and-control leadership is no longer viable. As a result, many firms are moving toward a coaching model in which leaders facilitate problem solving and encourage employees’ development by asking questions, offering support and guidance rather than giving orders and making judgments.

This is an introductory workshop to coaching for leaders. It explains the competencies required, how leaders can use the four-step GROW model to become more skilled at listening, questioning and drawing insights out of the people they supervise. The workshop will also explore the traits of a growth mindset and the attributes needed for a high performing team. The workshop will conclude with a 90-day action plan to embrace a coaching mindset.

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Talent Analytics Essentials 

Gain the career-building talent analytics skills you need to succeed as a talent analytics specialist. No coding experience required.

In this course, you will learn integral skills in data analytics by applying machine-learning algorithms in processing structured and unstructured data. You will learn how to import, clean, manipulate, visualise and analyse human resource data through hands-on interactive exercises. You will learn two easy to use and highly popular tools, Microsoft Power BI Desktop and Orange datamining tool to conduct data visualisations and analysis. With the newly acquired data analytics skill set, you can gain insights into your HR data and make critical data-driven decisions.

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