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Welcome to the launch of SHRI's monthly newsletter to kickstart 2022! Get an overview look of key upcoming events, updated with HR and business-related news, articles, and other resources each month.

We hope you had a good start in January! How has 2022 started for you?

It's hard to believe that we are now in the third year of living with the pandemic, and yet, life still goes on as we adapt to this new normal. What is the norm now anyways?

At SHRI, we want to continue supporting HR and business professionals through our events, webinars and programmes. Our top focus for this year will be on leadership and skills development for everyone regardless of job ranks, digitalisation of the HR industry and cultivating holistic well-being.

We started the year with a profound webinar focusing on "Reimagining Leadership - The People-Centric Approach", and Charles Hamilton Ferguson, General Manager of Asia Pacific, Globalization Partners, highlighted the key strategies leaders can instil for a people-centric workplace:

"HR leaders need to focus on purpose, culture, experiences and values that are inherently human as well as help the team that you work with to develop a sense of purpose. And I would suggest you map that to your values, vision and mission for the company and revisit that. And then continually focus on a culture that is emotionally secure and psychologically safe. Being authentic and honest about your experiences and showing your vulnerabilities is a great way to lead by example."

Besides C-suites with leadership titles, individuals are encouraged to practice self-leadership personally and professionally as it reaps these benefits:

    • Makes you more efficient and productive
    • Keeps you motivated and accountable
    • Builds stronger relationships with co-workers
    • Inspires others to follow your lead

Hope this inspires you to be your personal leader today!

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