#infoHR Webinar Series:

Leveraging Budget 2020 for Employers

Many businesses are facing great challenges due to the disruption of COVID-19. We’re here to help you! Mark your calendars for SHRI’s #infoHR Webinar Series: Leveraging Budget 2020 for Employers on 6 May.

Join us for this session with expert guides by PwC and e2i. Grace Huang and Zhang Jiaming from the Employment Tax team at PwC Singapore Global Mobility Services Team will share an overview of the COVID-19 fiscal measures introduced by IRAS and CPF Board. Evangeline Tan and Lee Pei Xi from e2i will discuss about the Job Security Council through an Adapt and Grow initiative.

Date: 6 May 2020, Wednesday

Time: 4pm

Platform: Connect via Zoom

Fee: Free!

Session Details

Fiscal measures to help Employers cope with COVID-19

Speakers: Grace Huang and Zhang Jiaming

The COVID-19 outbreak has disrupted businesses worldwide and organisations are facing tremendous challenges to which they need to respond rapidly. This unprecedented situation is raising many tax and CPF issues for both cross-border and domestic employees in Singapore. Employers are also extending various support measures to enable employees to remain resilient and embrace New Ways of Working - i.e Working from Home.

In this session, Grace and Jiaming from the Employment Tax team at PwC Singapore Global Mobility Services Team, will be providing an overview of the fiscal measures introduced by IRAS and CPF Board in response to COVID-19 and other related issues and impact. Continue your Awareness on changing landscapes on Employment Tax while embracing "Work From Home" and join the live webinar to get insights on the above issues.

e2i Placement Services and Job Security Council

Speakers: Evangeline Tan and Lee Pei Xi​

e2i has assisted in the manpower needs of companies through the Adapt and Grow initiative to encourage employers to support Singaporeans in making career transitions, such as salary support programme from Professional Conversion Programme and Career Support Programme to hire eligible locals and Career Trial to assess a jobseeker’s fit via a cost-free short-term work stint before offering employment.

This year, the NTUC Job Security Council (JSC) ecosystem is launched to pilot new ways to match and place workers, minimise retrenchments and shorten unemployment period. As part of the ecosystem, companies will receive support in their economic cycles to cope with fluctuating manpower needs.

Speaker Details

Grace Huang

Director of Global Mobility Services at
PwC International Assignment Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd
Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax)

Grace has over 16 years of experience in assisting multinational companies and its employees with their employment tax and benefits matters. Her advisory experience encompasses tax structuring of employee remuneration packages, equity plan reviews, due diligence, development of tax equalisation policies, amongst others.

Besides being an Accredited Tax Advisor (Income Tax) of the Singapore Institute of Accredited Tax Professionals, Grace also holds the Professional Level Certificate from the Association of Chartered Certified Accountants (ACCA) and is a Chartered Accountant of Institute of Singapore Chartered Accountants.

Zhang Jiaming

Senior Manager, Global Mobility Services at
PwC International Assignment Services (Singapore) Pte Ltd

Jiaming is Senior Manager of the Global Mobility Services team in Singapore. He has more than 10 years of experience providing start to end Global Mobility solutions for Multi-national, regional and Global companies and their workforce.

Jiaming has provided Singapore expatriate tax compliance and advisory services to a portfolio of clients, ranging from High Net Worth individuals to large multinational corporations of various industries with internationally deployed employees. He has also lead teams to develop and implement comprehensive global mobility solutions for multinational clients across major countries in APAC.

With his wealth of experience, Jiaming is now focusing on partnering with clients to co-create valuable insights of employment arrangement, management incentive plan, employment tax, payroll, etc. and to solve critical business issues. 

Evangeline Tan (Job Security Council)


Lee Pei Xi (ICT & Media)

at Employment and Employability (e2i)

e2i serves as a bridge between workers and employers, connecting with workers to offer job security through job-matching, career guidance and skills upgrading services, and partnering employers to address their manpower needs through recruitment, training and job redesign solutions. Both Evangeline and Pei Xi had partnered and assisted numerous companies in manpower, training and productivity solutions.

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