SHRI & U SME Webinar: Avoiding Common Errors in Employment Contract

The Employment Contract is an essential legal agreement between the employer and employee relationship – it outlines what is expected of the employee, their employment terms, company policies, ownership of intellectual property, and certain financial agreements. Despite the importance of establishing a contract, certain common mistakes are still made.

Come join our webinar on Avoiding Common Errors in Employment Contract and hear our speakers share on these typical mistakes and tips to avoiding them!

Date: Friday, 7 May 2021

Time: 4pm – 5.30pm

Platform: Zoom Webinar

Fee: Free

Session Details

Topic: Common Pitfalls of Employment Contract
By Speaker: Mr Daniel Chew

As employment contract contains clauses binding the expectation of the employer and employee, learn these common errors to avoid when drafting a contract:

  1. Policy does not adequately cover or are not clear enough in covering all 17 mandatory Key Employment Terms (KETs)
  2. Missing sections in the Policy. Common ones that are missing are: PDPA, Disciplinary Procedure, Extended Medical Leaves, Retirement considerations, Employee Feedback process, Whistle-blowing protection, special absences, safety & health, etc.
  3. Policy does not address possible Future scenarios.
  4. Policy too lengthy for ground staff to read or comprehend.
  5. Policy does not have an Appendix of Tables which can be altered easily or when necessary, without having to change the Main Policy.

Speaker: Mr Daniel CS Chew
Associate Consultant
Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)

Mr Daniel Chew is a strong, analytical thinker & a disciplined learner. He is multi-specialised in HRM, Organisational Psychology, Business, Engineering, Logistics and Education. He has 20 years of experience in lecturing, training & consulting services and prior to that, 22 years of industrial experience.   Daniel is a IHRP certified Senior HR Professional and conducts training and lectures in the areas of Human Resources, Logistics, Statistics and Project Management with several Private Educational Institutions in Singapore.

Daniel has four Master Degrees which include a double Masters in Human Resources. As a Corporate Consultant in OD/HRD, Compensation Systems & Logistics, Daniel has garnered more than 2,600 corporate consultancy and training hours to his credit. A significant part of his work includes salary designs, PDPA implementation, Data Analytics and the development of HR processes, including Employee Handbooks.  In 2013, he authored, “Land Transport: A Definitive Practitioner’s Guide” published by SPH, Singapore.

Topic: Statutory Leaves in Employment Contract
By Speaker: Mr Stephen Khow

Stephen will be sharing on the cases that [email protected] handled with regards to employment contract, specifically on the statutory leave that employees are entitled to. Hear from him on the relevant legislation and how [email protected] engage both the employers and NTUC members to resolve their issues, and how to enhance the employment contracts to prevent such disputes.

Speaker: Mr Stephen Khow
Principal Industrial Relations Officer
National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)

Mr Stephen Khow is the Principal Industrial Relations Officer at National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). He joined NTUC since 2011 and was seconded to two different unions prior to the current portfolio at Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management ([email protected]) assisting the employees and employers to manage their employment disputes through advisory and mediate services. He is also an accredited Singapore Mediation Centre Mediator.

Panel Discussion: Common Mistakes to Avoid in Employment Contracts

Engage with the esteemed panellists Mr Daniel Chew, Ms Yeo Wan Ling and Ms Sylvia Choo in a Panel Discussion moderated by Mr AIvin Goh to discuss on Common mistakes to avoid in employment contracts.

Panellist: Ms Yeo Wan Ling
Director of U SME and the Women & Family Unit
National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)
Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris-Punggol Group Representative Constituency

Ms Yeo Wan Ling joined National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) in August 2020 and is currently the Director of U SME and the Women & Family Unit. She is also Advisor to the National Taxi Association (NTA) and National Private Hire Vehicles Association (NPHVA). As Director of NTUC U SME, Wan Ling works with SMEs and tripartite partners to boost productivity through innovation and enhance SMEs’ employment practices so as to improve the wages, welfare and work prospects of SME employees. As Director of the NTUC Women & Family Unit, she leads the team to further strengthen NTUC’s reach to women, help protect their livelihoods and support their careers so they can reach their full potential.
Wan Ling was appointed NTUC’s representative in the Tripartite Workgroup on Lower-Wage Workers (TWG-LWW) in 2020 and serves as Chairman of both Tripartite Cluster on Retail Trade and Tripartite Cluster on Food Services. She is also an alternate member of National Wages Council representing NTUC.
Wan Ling is a Member of Parliament for Pasir Ris-Punggol Group Representation Constituency and Vice-Chairman of the North East Community Development Council. She is also a member of the Council for Board Diversity and Global Compact Network Singapore. She is also an ex-officio members of the Ngee Ann Kongsi.

Panellist: Ms Sylvia Choo
Director of Workforce (Unions)
National Trades Union Congress (NTUC)
Co-General Manager
Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management

Ms Sylvia Choo is the Director of Workforce (Unions) at National Trades Union Congress (NTUC). She oversees the operational aspects of all the NTUC-affiliated unions, connecting closely with the ground to ensure feedback is shared timely with the management teams for resource planning and policy formulation. She works closely with the unions to innovate the union model and pushed for extension of representation for the Professionals, Managers and Executives, as well as for leadership renewal. Sylvia is also the Executive Secretary of the Singapore Industrial and Services Employees’ Union (SISEU), which has branches from diverse sectors ranging from light manufacturing, aerospace, logistics to retail and facilities management. She has developed deep insights and understanding on these sectors and its workforce. As the Co-General Manager of the Tripartite Alliance for Dispute Management, Sylvia oversees the team to assist employees and employers to manage their employment disputes through advisory and mediate services.
Moderator: Mr Alvin Goh
Executive Director
Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)
Mr Alvin Goh is an accomplished international senior business manager with over 15 years of experience in the financial and consulting industry where he played key roles in various business and human capital transformation projects that has translated to net bottom line growth of USD100 million.
He was part of a task force that had to implement a comprehensive BCP during the SARS pandemic when he was working in Shanghai, China. He saw first-hand how badly it affected the livelihood and mental state of his staff and students.
Alvin firmly believes that a well thought out BCP should go beyond the protection of an organisation’s operations, systems, infrastructure, reputation and business assets and must include the well-being of its people.

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