Notice is hereby given that the 55th Annual General Meeting (AGM) & Election of Council Members 2021 – 2023 of the Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI). It will be held on:

Date & day: 24 March 2021, Wednesday
Time: 7.00pm (Registration will be done online at 6:15pm)
Venue: Zoom

Kindly RSVP latest by 16 March 2021 for your attendance at the AGM Meeting by registering on this link.

Register here

Reading materials for your reference:
Click here​ to download the SHRI Constitution
Click here to download the Financial Report
Click here to download the Annual Report

This AGM will be conducted virtually due to current restrictions on the number of attendees in a gathering.

**A gentle reminder to all members to renew their membership as soon as possible so as to participate in AGM and Election scheduled on 24 March 2021.


  1. Opening Address by President
  2. To confirm the Minutes of the 54th AGM held on 31 March 2020
  3. To discuss any matters arising from the Minutes of the 54th AGM
  4. To receive and adopt the 55th Annual Report of the Executive Council for the period 1 April 2020 to 24 March 2021
  5. To receive and adopt the Financial Report for the financial year ended 31 December 2020 as certified by the auditors
  6. To re-appoint Auditors for FY2021
  7. To transact any other matter of which notice in writing has been given to the Honorary Secretary at least seven consecutive days before the meeting. Kindly email to Honorary Secretary, Ms Lucy Tan @ [email protected]and cc SHRI Secretariat office, Ms Lennette Koh @ [email protected]
  8. To elect President (2021 – 2023)
  9. To elect Executive Council (2021 – 2023)
  10. To appoint trustees for SHRI Guillemard Road Property


Honorary Secretary
Ms Lucy Tan, MSHRI


Please be informed of the above comprising the following:

President and Seventeen other Council Members on 24 March 2021.

At the first meeting of the elected Council, the duly elected President shall then appoint the following office bearers:

  1. Three Vice Presidents
  2. The Honorary Secretary
  3. The Assistant Honorary Secretary
  4. The Honorary Treasurer
  5. The Assistant Honorary Treasurer

We would like to bring your attention to Article IV clauses 2(a)(i), (ii), (b)(i), (c)(i), Article V clause 3(b) and Article VI clauses 2(a)(i), (ii), (iii), (b), (c) of the Constitution regarding elections which stipulate as follows:


  1. Rights and Privileges of Members
    1. Any Accredited Professional member or Professional member who is a Singapore Citizen or Permanent Resident shall:
      1. have the right to propose or second an applicant for Associate membership, nominate or second a candidate for election and stand for elections
      2. have the right to speak and vote at general meetings of the institute
    2. Student, Associate and Honorary Life members shall:
      1. have all the rights and privileges and benefits of Professional membership except the right conferred on Professional members under Article 2 a)(i) above and the right to vote at general meetings of the Institute
    3. Social members shall:
      1. be admitted into the recreational facilities and premises of the Institute but shall not be admitted into the rights and privileges of the Student, Associate, Professional or Honorary Life members as stated in Article IV 2(a) and 2(b) above


  1. Arrears of Subscription


    b. Professional member who is in arrears of subscription shall not be eligible to propose or second an application for membership, nominate or second a candidate for election, stand for elections, vote in elections, vote at general meetings of the Institute or enjoy any other rights of a member.


  1. a) A candidate for election to the Council:
    1. must be proposed and seconded by two Accredited Professional members or Professional members of the Institute;
    2. must have been a member of the Institute for at least 12 months before nomination;
    3. shall not have any criminal record nor is an undischarged bankrupt,

b) The name of the candidate must be submitted in writing to the Honorary Secretary and every candidate for election shall signify in writing, his consent to his nomination.

c) The list of candidates for election shall be closed seven consecutive days before the date of the annual general meeting.

Nomination Process for Council Members 2021-2023:

  1. Requesting of Nomination Form:
  • All the Nomination forms are to be collected by proposer or representative (with an authorized letter given by proposer) from SHRI Secretariat by email request to Membership team: [email protected] no later than 10:00am, 16 March 2021.
  • Verification and recording of NRIC no. is mandatory upon the facilitation (by email) of nomination form


  1. Submission of Nomination Form
  • The completed form, with signatures of the Proposer, Seconder and Nominee, has to be submitted to SHRI Secretariat by emailing [email protected] no later than 5pm, 16 March 2021.
  • A scanned copy of NRIC (front and back) of Proposer and Nominee is mandatory for submission.

Thank you.

Yours Sincerely,

Honorary Secretary
Ms Lucy Tan, MSHRI