Financial Advice As An Employee Benefit

Capturing Perceptions of Employers, Employees and Individuals!

Did You Know?

Financial concerns lower employee productivity? Financial stress depletes health and well-being of employees? Employers can gain competitive advantages by providing financial advice as employee benefit?

The global economic churning has prompted who to be concerned with their financial security be it individuals, families, organisations or societies. It is proved time and again that financial concerns can cause an onslaught of issues ranging from lower productivity, poorer health and well-being; ultimately, reducing the competitiveness of organisations and more…

A closer look prompts that the corporate world and the society at large has probably entered into avicious cycle – bad times, financial stress, productivity loss leading to negative impact on business adding momentum to the already existing bad time.

The question arises whether there is a way to emerge from such a vicious cycle. What if efforts are taken to reduce or completely eliminate financial stresses from the system?             

Through this survey we wish to hear and capture voices of employersemployees and individualsand find out whether introducing financial advice as benefit to employees is a handy solution-

  • What do employees expect from employers in terms of such benefits?
  • What is the level of understanding of employees/employers with respect to their awareness, need, perception, and existing provisions and facilities related to financial advice?
  • Can employers be creative in encouraging and helping its employees to maintain sound financial health?
  • How will employers benefit from such actions? And more…..

We would appreciate it if you could submit this survey on or before 4 April 2010.

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There will be a lucky draw conducted and 5 participants stand a chance to win one of the following-

  • Research report titled- Harnessing the potential of generation Y workforce in Singapore

  • Survey report titled- HR Profession Survey 2009/10

  • Learning voucher worth SGD 250/-

This survey should take no more than 15 minutes to complete. All participants will receive a complimentary copy of the Executive Summary Report.

Thank you for sharing your time and inputs!