Bring-a-Friend Scheme

Enjoy rewards when your friend embarks on a learning journey with SHRI!

Exclusively for SHRI Members and Learners who successfully introduce a friend
to enrol in any of SHRI’s academic programmes.

Programme Level Your Rewards
Postgraduate Diploma & Master’s Degree
Important Note:
The person you’re introducing must indicate your Name, Membership No./Programme Title & Intake No. on their Application Form upon application


Terms & Conditions:
1. All current SHRI members and learners of SHRI are eligible to participate in the Bring-a-Friend Scheme.

2. The incentive will be disbursed within 60 days where your friend must fulfilled all the following criterion and whichever happens later:
•  Has been successfully accepted in to the SHRI programme and commenced class.
•  Paid full fees (for Single Payment) or the final instalment (for Instalment)

3. In the event of withdrawal by your friend due to misrepresentation, deliberate dishonourable or illegal action by the introducer, SHRI reserves the right to demand and/or recover the incentive disbursed to you, the Introducer and/or bar the Introducer from participation in this incentive programme.

4. This scheme will not be applicable if your friend withdraws from the programme before commencement or within the 7-Day Cooling-off period, whichever is earlier.

5. SHRI reserves the right to impose additional terms and conditions as and when required without due notice. SHRI reserves the right to terminate the scheme without due recourse or notice.

6. The incentive disbursed is a token of appreciation from SHRI and in no way constitutes a fee for services rendered to SHRI.

7. Only one incentive scheme applies for each application of programme. If this scheme has been adopted, your friend will not be eligible for other incentive schemes e.g. Promotional Discount or Study Grant/Scholarship.

8. This scheme is not applicable if your friend is on SDF scheme.

9. The Introducer is by no means an appointed agent of SHRI.

10. Employees of SHRI Group and SPEC are not eligible to participate in this scheme.

Click here to download the Bring-a-Friend Form.