Managing Employee Compensation & Benefits Effectively

Learning Overview

Compensation & Benefits (C&B) management encompasses all the tasks involved in remunerating an organization’s employees. A well-designed C&B policy will achieve an organisation’s mission and vision, and its business goals and strategies vis-à-vis its relationship with its employees. Therefore, a crucial function of the organisation and it is important for HR and C&B staff to be competent in this area.

The HR and payroll professionals must also be on top of all the legislative requirements and market trends that involve C&B.

This 1-day workshop will provide participants with valuable insights relating to C&B, all legislative requirements surrounding C&B, the latest trend and market practices for C&B.

Learning Objectives

After this one day workshop, participants should be able to:

  • Link C&B management to an organisation’s mission, vision, core values and business goals
  • Align C&B policies and procedures to overall organisation remuneration strategy
  • Identify C&B best practices
  • Identify current legal and regulatory requirements that impact compensation and benefits management

Learning Outlines

The workshop content is as follows:

  • C&B Administration – Definition
    • Linkage to overall remuneration strategy
    • Objectives of C&B
    • Components of C&B
    • Best Practices
  • Applicable Legislation including: – Employment Act
    • CPF Act
    • Income Tax Act
    • Retirement Act
    • National Service(NS) Act
    • Employment (Part-Time Employees) Regulations
  • Calculations of C&B related payments
  • Setting up C&B policy

Who Should Attend

HR Executives, HR Managers, Administrators, Finance or Accounting Staff and those who handle the Compensation & Benefits / Payroll function in their organisations.

Training Methodology

To anchor the learning and winning behaviour, the workshop incorporates:

  • Applicable industry best practices
  • Sharing of experiences
  • Interactive delivery of learning materials
  • Practical exercises

Other Information

Benefits of Attending This Course – ability to:

  • Understand what C&B is and what it and its related activities entail.
  • Implement compliance to relevant legislation
  • Calculate C&B and its components
  • Set up C&B policy

What questions this workshop provides answers to:

  • What is C&B?
  • What are the components of C&B?
  • How is C&B management linked to the organisation’s overall remuneration strategy?
  • What are legal requirements and implications of C&B?
  • How to set up a sound C&B policy?

Note: SkillsFuture + UTAP Fundings available

Course Calendar

Schedule Dates Duration SHRI Member Non-Member  
05 May 17 1 Day S$300.00 S$380.00 Registration
07 Aug 17 1 Day S$300.00 S$380.00 Registration
04 Dec 17 1 Day S$300.00 S$380.00 Registration

Course fees are subject to the prevailing GST charge. All information is correct at the time of publication. SHRICORP reserves the right to amend any of the above information if necessary.

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