Student Feedback and Dispute Resolution Process & Procedure


Student Feedback and Dispute Resolution Process
SHRI Academy welcomes your feedback and suggestions that will help us to support you in your learning journey. Be it a feedback on teaching and learning, services and welfare, or the Academy’s environment, we welcome them.
Students may provide feedback or raise issue of concern via the following channels:

Students are encouraged to raise their concerns to our staff or managers at the earlier opportunity. Feedback are logged and handled by SHRI Academy’s Feedback Management System that ensures that the first acknowledgement of the feedback is given within 3 working days. SHRI Academy endeavours to resolve all feedback within 21 working days and during the period of deliberation, provides a series of updates to students.

Complaints however, need to be submitted in a written form via the Customer Feedback Form or a letter/email.

In the event that counselling services is required, you will be referred to the School Counsellor.

It is SHRI Academy’s policy to establish facts and conduct objective investigations to reach a fair and amicable, or a ‘win-win’ solution to address a grievance. Complaints should be brought to the attention of SHRI Academy so that they may be resolved internally. Students who lodge complaints with external agencies without giving an opportunity for SHRI Academy to address their concern are considered to be in violation of the student code of conduct.

Despite all efforts, if you are unsatisfied with the feedback outcome, you may approach the CPE’s Student Services Centre (SSC) for help. SSC officers will review the complaints and may refer you to the CPE Mediation – Arbitration Scheme [Please note that fees are chargeable for using the Scheme].