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Succeed Or Sink: Business Sustainability Under Globalisation
– Authored by Prof Chris Rowley, Jayantee Mukherjee Saha and David Ang
– Endorsed by Prof Dave Ulrich, Sanjay Chaudhuri & S.B. Borwankar

Succeed Or Sink (SOS): Business Sustainability Under Globalisation is a unique book which not only captured how organizations big and small responded to the 2008 global financial crisis but also demonstrated how business and HR leaders should streamline their strategies, policies and processes to remain sustainable in future. Based on the research conceived and conducted at SHRI during the period, it noted the responses from 50 diverse organizations, encompassing broad and integrated approach to business encapsulating people, prosperity and sustainability. [See more…]

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Human Resource Practitioners’ Guide to Employment Laws (2nd Edition)
Authored by Arthur Khong

Like its first, the second edition of this guide serves to outline the employment laws in Singapore in simple language to help readers, especially HR practitioners and tertiary students majoring in Human Resources Management, to have a better understanding of the rights and obligations of both employers and employees. Many real life scenarios faced by HR practitioners are shared in this guide. It must be said that the solutions given in this guide are by no means exhaustive, but they will certainly be useful for the many common issues that HR practitioners may face in the course of their work. [See more…]

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HR Metamorphosis – by Mdm Ho Geok Choo

Peppered with fascinating facts and business and management wisdom, HR Metamorphosis presents valuable HR and management lessons and insights. The book offers enlightening and useful ways to cope with the typical challenges in people management issues. Read a chapter now!

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Celebrating HR: Unfolding the WFPMA Story Over the Last 30 Years – by SHRI & Kelly Services

An Inspiring read and outstanding resource for global business & HR leaders. Celebrating HR honours the acts of courage by many distinguished professionals who have worked hard to advance the HR profession. The book relates the challenges they faced and showcases inspirational stories of their contributions to HR. The book also highlights the World Federation of Personnel Management Association’s (WFPMA) successful execution of a number of projects that cover HR competencies, professional practices and standards, as well as global labour resourcing. Overall, Celebrating HR is an inspiring read and an outstanding resource for all global business and HR leaders involved in HR planning and implementation across the world.

The WFPMA is a global network of professionals in people management and founded in 1976 to aid the development and improve the effectiveness of professional people management all over the world.

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Contemporary HR Issues & Insights: From Rocket Science to Tsunamis – by Paul FitzPatrick

A stimulating and fascinating insight into organisational issues and a selection of these has been compiled into this book. Each feature is written in a simple, anecdotal style and focuses upon everyday organisational issues and on issues that people are most interested in. With its eclectic range of attention-grabbing topics, this book has something for everyone – from the weary, early morning commuter on the MRT to the sales assistant on her coffee break or the CEO being whisked to the airport in the back of his or her car as well as the MBA student.

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Creating Value Out of People – by Mdm Ho Geok Choo

An entertaining and thought-provoking read that addresses many key issues that are shaping human capital development in Singapore today. The topics covered in the book are written in a concise manner, with a strong local focus and are both insightful and invigorating. Restructuring, creativity and innovation, unemployment, foreign workers, outsourcing, an ageing workforce, plummeting birth rates, corporate governance, the role of women and many key issues that are shaping human capital development in Singapore are addressed in this book. It will be a useful resource for both HR practitioners and students.

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HR 21: Managing Human Capital in the 21st Century –  by SHRI
Given the rapidly changing business and work environment, it is vital that Singapore’s human resources are properly managed and developed in order to ensure continued success and growth for individuals, organisations and society. This book examines how human resource management is changing in Singapore and what must be done in order to address the challenges faced by HR professionals in a rapidly changing business world. This book also provides a framework and possibilities not only for HR professionals but also for senior managers and line managers to play an effective leadership role in influencing workplace practices and human resource management.

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Performance Management: Under the Microscope by Christopher Mills

Managing human performance is of course a major factor in the functioning of any business or institutional enterprise. This study, based on Singapore experience, assesses recent developments in performance management and appraisal. Singapore’s past approach, trends, an analysis of the present practices of 120 Singapore companies and relevant benchmarks are discussed. Practical methods and policies are outlined and formats suggested. This book provides a clear mandate for the development of a concrete performance management infrastructure, and sets an important benchmark for organisations and HR professionals to follow.

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Singapore HR Quictionary: A Quick Reference to Human Resource Concepts, Practices and Guidelines  by Tan Chwee Huat

This book is a quick reference to basic HR concepts and practices, as well as other work-related topics and guidelines with special reference to Singapore. Also included in this volume are several appendices providing easy access to important tripartite guidelines on issues such as non-discriminatory advertisements, best-work life practices, flexible work schedule, family friendly workplace practices, National Wage Council recommendations, and others.

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Worse Than a Job Loss – by John Ong

This book draws valuable lessons from Minister Mentor Lee Kuan Yew when he too, faced with the crisis of his life during Singapore’s separation from Malaysia, turned this major setback into a winning comeback. Analogously, those experiencing career transitions, retrenchment and job insecurity can draw inspiration from this book to derive new energy and hope for a new beginning.

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