SHRI-RDS Survey on 2009/2010 Recovery Actions

SHRI-RDS survey on Financial Crisis, Pay and Actions conducted in January 2009 reported some rather negative findings. Since then, business dipped further but, fortunately, signs of recovery are beginning to appear.

A few companies are experiencing some recovery and even the Government, who has been advising caution, is somewhat less pessimistic and has just upgraded their forecast to a 4 to 6% decline (from their earlier 6 to 9% contraction) for this years GDP growth.

Most companies would have implemented their annual wage increase or freeze actions by now. So it is timely, once again, to carry out the fax survey update.

Hopefully, many of you will continue to experience more substantive signs of a recovery and are looking to increase wages and start recruiting again as part of your recovery preparations. But as everyone seems to be saying this is no time to be complacent so it is essential to check out what others are planning and doing.

As before, besides the usual wage/bonus/recruitment data, we like to find out more specifically how the Jobs Credit and SPUR initiatives are benefiting companies and also what other fallout effects companies are experiencing and what they need to continue to do for the longer term.

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