A Thank You note to HR

IHRP and SHRI would like to thank all HR Professionals for their hard work and dedication to their organisations during this period.

Thank you for being agile
• Over the last three months, COVID-19 has disrupted business operations in unprecedented ways around the globe, and the focus of businesses has shifted – with crisis response and employee safety and well-being taking top priority
• Amidst the volatile and ambiguous business environment, HR has risen to the challenge in guiding leaders to navigate through the crisis. Although the pandemic has stretched HR responsibilities beyond employee life cycle management, our community has continued to stand united
• We are heartened to see that despite the many preoccupations at work and home,members of the HR community have stepped up to give back tirelessly, above and beyond the call of duty, through volunteering, generous sharing of ideas and curating useful resources for the HR community
• Kudos, for swiftly adapting policies and people programmes to support businesses in remaining nimble and achieving greater strategic outcomes

Thank you for showing unwavering care and concern
• In most companies, it is the HR function that is at the forefront of protecting employees with safe workplace practices. Though these efforts may not always be appreciated, you persist in doing what is right, and in the broader interest of the employee, organisation,and community
• HR professionals need to show maturity and strength while balancing the emotional needs of the people around you. As you hold tough conversations about wage cuts,redeployment, or worse; termination, feelings of anxiety, fear and despair are felt deeply by you. These emotions are often hard to bear yet you managed to serve with compassion, empathy and care, providing dignity for the people around you.
• Even as you reassure and constantly keep in mind the mental well-being of your employees, please do not forget to take care of yourself first

Thank you for your commitment towards all that you do.
• Do not be discouraged. STAY POSITIVE. We acknowledge the tremendous contributions by you and applaud you for not giving up, for shining and delivering amid the pandemic
• We urge you to remain passionate and committed to upholding the highest standards of the profession. Our HR community will only emerge stronger through this crisis.
• Once again, our deepest gratitude to all HR Professionals, who are standing in the frontline of your organisations amidst COVID-19.