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We are pleased to share the recordings from our webinars conducted in 2021.

Some webinar recordings are locked and the passwords are provided below each webinar description.

#infoHR Webinar Series: The New Employee Experience

26 January 2021

Every business outcome from productivity and efficiency to talent retention, innovation and growth starts with the employees. With the pandemic, balancing the employee experience amidst changing demands will require HR, IT and business leaders to come together on the best ways to improve working conditions.

Find out from our speakers on how to upgrade your organisation’s workflow through the use of cloud-based technology.

Password: 26Jan_infoHR2021

#infoHR Webinar Series: Fostering Employees Collaboration & Transformation

3 February 2021

The evolution of our working style has significantly changed during the pandemic. Long gone are the traditional desk-bound office environment. Learn on how we can ensure a fluid collaboration with our teams while working remotely by integrating the use of digital tools and work towards a better business transformation.

Our speakers from Yonyou Singapore and CIPD shared on the Modern HR: Human + Digitalisation and the Four Key Stages to Building High Performance and Collaborative Teams.

Password: 3Feb_infoHR2021

#infoHR Webinar Series: Cultivating your Mental Well-Being

5 March 2021

In the face of the pandemic in today’s society, the adoption of stringent measures has demanded the change of social behaviours. Ensuring a healthy mental state is essential as we adapt our lifestyle to the rapid changes.

Learn from our speakers on how you can manage your stress positively and master peak mental performance skills. HSBC’s Employee Banking Solutions is also shared in this session!

Password: 5Mar_infoHR2021

SHRI & TAFEP Webinar: Building a Sustainable and Flexible Wage System

28 April 2021

The economic downturn has presented many challenges for organisations. The National Wages Council (NWC) 2020/2021 Supplementary Guidelines encourage organisations to implement the Flexible Wage System (FWS) to sustain their businesses in the long term. The recommendations aim to help organisations sustain competitiveness, provide better job security as well as stability and predictability in wages for employees.

Learn how your compensation system can be competitive and flexible and how you can restructure wages in response to changing business conditions and maintain manpower for eventual business recovery.

Password: 28Apr2021_FWS

SHRI & U SME Webinar: Avoiding Common Errors in Employment Contract

7 May 2021

The Employment Contract is an essential legal agreement between the employer and employee relationship – it outlines what is expected of the employee, their employment terms, company policies, ownership of intellectual property, and certain financial agreements. Despite the importance of establishing a contract, certain common mistakes are still made.

Hear our speakers share on these typical mistakes and tips to avoiding them!

Password: 7May2021_EmpCon

SHRI & TAFEP Webinar: Building a Sustainable and Flexible Wage System

28 May 2021

Are traditional performance reviews still relevant – Given the impact of the pandemic and changes in businesses around the world, team performances may fluctuate depending on the circumstances affecting them. Having regular reviews with employees will ensure they are on track and stay focused on their goals.

Find out how to manage your team effectively – from having regular check ins and what digital facilitation means.

Password: 28May_infoHR2021

#infoHR Webinar Series: Remote Working back-to-Phase 2 (Heightened Alert): Boosting Engagement and Resilience

8 June 2021

Has the current state of the continued pandemic made you anxious? You are not alone! As we continue working from home to keep the community safe, our mental well-being should be of utmost priority for our team and ourselves.

Our speakers shared how to create a resilient workforce as well as support everyone’s well-being.

Password: 8Jun_infoHR2021

#infoHR Webinar Series: Diversity, Equity, Inclusion - Integrating a Cohesive Workplace Culture

16 July 2021

A great company culture often equates to greater productivity and positivity at work. The inclusion of a company culture that inculcates Diversity, Equity & Inclusion (DEI) will promote cohesiveness and a positive workplace. Employees who identify more with their company are happier, more committed, experience greater job satisfaction, perform better and are more likely to stay with their organisation.

Hear from Michael Jenkins and our esteemed panellists as they share their insights on best practices and initiatives to promote workplace diversity and in view of 2021 recognised as the year for celebrating women, let’s foster an even more equitable and inclusive society for everyone.

#infoHR Webinar Series: Adapting Rewards Strategy to Engage the Hybrid Workforce

30 July 2021

We have seen how the pandemic has posed unprecedented challenges in employee engagement in the past year. With the different types of workforce we have now, technology plays a role in boosting engagement for white-collar and blue-collar employees.

Fear from our panellists share their best practices in devising a suitable engagement program for the hybrid and remote workforce in their organisations.

Password: 30Jul_infoHR2021

#infoHR Webinar Series: Fireside Chat: "Vaccinate or Regular Test" (VoRT) Regime

29 September 2021

The Government has recently announced that from 1 October 2021, employees in selected sectors would be required to be vaccinated or undergo regular testing (i.e. “Vaccinate or Regular Test” (VoRT) regime). Although not all sectors are affected, all businesses are encouraged to ensure a fully vaccinated workforce to provide a safe workplace and safe environment for everyone.

Hear from our panellists as they share more in-depth information on Vaccination-differentiated workplace measures under the VoRT regime, and how HR can address the employees’ concerns (i.e. prevent vaccination discrimination) and successfully implement the regime.

Password: 29Sep_infoHR2021

SHRI Mental Well-Being Series: Identifying Unmet Needs and Building a Support Infrastructure for the Workforce

7 October 2021

Since the implementation of remote working, it has brought about a surge in mental health stressors such as a sense of loneliness/ isolation, a sense of instability and constant change. Moreover, when coupled with continuous interruptions by family members, it has made it difficult to deliver effective results at work.

Our speakers shared practical mental wellness interventions to help HR and employees better manage their mental health

Password: SMWBS_7Oct21

#infoHR Webinar Series: PME Task Force – Strengthening Support for PMEs for Sustained and Continuous Employment

3 November 2021

With rising employment concerns proliferated by the pandemic, a PME taskforce was formed by the National Trades Union Congress (NTUC) and Singapore National Employers Federation (SNEF) in October 2020 to engage Professionals, Managers and Executives (PMEs), employers and various stakeholders to:
Identify areas of support and look at ways to strengthen PMEs’ employment and employability, and Ensure that PMEs have access to a level playing field for jobs, while balancing companies’ manpower needs, in the immediate and longer term.

Hear from our panellists as they share the key insights in their engagement with the PMEs and the recommendations moving forward.

Password: 3Nov_infoHR2021



19 November 2021

Organised by Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI), the revamped 15th Singapore HR Awards Presentation Gala will take place virtually on 19 November 2021! The theme “Advancing and Recognising Human Capital” ties to the revision as the Awards will recognise and award Standards (Gold, Silver & Bronze) for constant Human Capital advancement. Besides the new format of the award, the revamp showcased an introduction of several new categories!

2020 has been a significant year for the HR Profession. A symbolic year where HR Professionals have exhibited collective leadership to ensure that our workforce is safe, maintain the pace of productivity, transit our workforce through reskilling and upskilling, manage the remote working conditions of our people and all these are done at an intensive pace.

The Full-day virtual event, combined with Expert Panel Discussions, Trending HR Topics sharing and Awards Conferment, as we award Standards to the participating organisations to recognise and celebrate HR’s effort, agility and resilience in 2020 amidst the pandemic.

View the list of Awardees and more details on our website here.

SHRI Members Exclusive Workshop on “Top 8 secrets that Talent Magnets Don’t Tell You” with SOA

24 November 2021

In the past, individuals have been known to have a difficult time developing a personal brand because of the fear of rejection. However, as people have become more comfortable with their online (and offline) presence, they have started focusing on creating a more professional image to achieve their career goals. In fact, studies have shown that a personal brand is a vital tool in a professional’s success regardless of which career track you are on.

In order to help you develop your personal brand to become a talent magnet, our upcoming session will shed light on “8 Personal Branding Secrets That Talent Magnets Don’t Tell You”. These 8 mindset shifts will be highly critical to transform and build your personal brand as an HR professional. Also, the session will feature a friend of SOA, Baby Kob-i from StoryBuddy, an AI-powered storytelling tool to further unlock your brand potential.

Password: 24Nov_SHRIMN

SHRI HR Outlook 2022 Webinar

10 December 2021

We are now living in the third year of the pandemic as it forages the world. We have to push on with the reality of living with COVID-19 while still thriving at work as businesses and operations have to continue.

SHRI’s signature HR Outlook 2022 Webinar, in collaboration with EngageRocket, will be discussing how we have emerged from the pandemic to focus on key HR trends to transform our workforce and future-proof our organisations in the new year.

Password: 10Dec_HRO22

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