Q: When is the application period deadline?

A: 31 July 2023, 2359 hours, Monday

Q: Do I have to submit the report along with my application?

A: You do not need to submit your report together with your application as the report submission deadline is on 31 July 2023. However, if you do have your report prepared, feel free to send it earlier!

Q: Can I apply for more than one award category?

A: Yes! Please feel free to do so.

Q: Does my report have to be 2,000 words long?

A: No, 2,000 words is the guideline limit for your report. You may write less than 2,000 words but please do not exceed the limit. Refer here for more details.

Q: Can I apply for the Best Organisation for Champion of Human-Centred Organisation Award?

A: As this is a non-nominated award whereby one organisation from each sector will be selected based on their submission from the HR Practices Award, you will not be able to apply for this award category.

Q: How do I send my application?

A: You may submit your application through the online form.

Q: Which sector does my organisation fall under? I’m unsure of the sector that I should select.

A: You may select the closest match for your organisation on the application form, and we will then assess your sector based on the criteria you have selected.

Q: For supporting documents, what is the maximum video size or length?

A: File size is limited to 500MB each. We also suggest for the video not too be too long or else it may defeat the aim of putting across important points.

Q: When should the initiative take place?

A: The initiatives can be from 2021 till current.

Q: Can we clarify what "nomination" refers to?
A: "Nomination" refers to the process of applying on behalf of your organisation for a specific award category that aligns with the HR practices you have implemented.
Q: What's the difference between the deadlines of 15th July (close of nomination applications) and 31st July (close of report submission)?
A: The application period is open from now until 15th July. Once you submit your nomination application, you will have additional time to prepare and submit the required write-up report and supporting documents for your nominated award category. The write-up report must be provided to SHRI no later than 31st July.
Q: Can you confirm if SHRI provides a template document for the submission of the write-up report? Alternatively, can we use our own Word document template?
A: We will provide a template for the submission report once your application has been confirmed, and we would advise to use our provided template. However, if you prefer to use your own Word document template, you are welcome to do so. Just ensure that your report covers all the assessment areas stated in the info kit for your nominated award category.
Q: If we are a government entity, what document can we submit instead of Bizfile ACRA or ROS?
A: You can simply screenshot your agency's UEN from the Uen.Gov Website as a form of verification and submit it as a PDF document during your application process for The 16th SHRA.
Q: Is attendance at the 16th SHRI Gala Presentation Award Ceremony mandatory? Is attendance at the 16th SHRI Gala Presentation Award Ceremony mandatory?
A: While attendance is not mandatory, we highly encourage participating organisations to join us at the ceremony. Attending the event provides an excellent opportunity to celebrate your achievements, network with industry peers, and gain recognition for your exceptional HR practices.
Q: Are supporting documents required other than submitting a report?
A: The submission of supporting documents is not mandatory. However, if you have relevant supporting materials available, we recommend including them in your report. This can enhance the credibility and robustness of your submission, allowing the assessment panel to gain a more comprehensive understanding of your HR practices.

Q: Is there an offline form that we can submit our bulk application for?

A: All applications and submission of reports & supporting documents have to be completed through our online form on JotForm. For bulk submissions, you will be able to multi-submit the categories' reports and supporting documents in one submission.
Q: If my company consists of more than a single entity, do I combine the organisational and employee data into a single entity or do I keep the data individually for the chosen applied entity?
A: Should the entities share similar HR practices or are handled by a collective HR department, you can combine all the data into a single entity for application and report submission.


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