SHRI CORPORATION PTE LTD is the training and consultancy arm of Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) focusing on enabling knowledge acquisition and skills development at both corporate and individual levels. We take pride in the growth and development of our clients and focus energy on providing practice-oriented corporate training and development and consultancy to level up human capabilities. To excel in an increasingly competitive and knowledge-driven business world, we have to foster sharing of best practices and a continuous learning culture that will ensure the development of our human capital into a highly educated, skilled and employable one.

The range of training programmes by SHRICORP brings both breadth and depth, with topics spanning Employment Compliance to Employee RelationsCompensation & Rewards to Organisation Development, Learning and Career DevelopmentWorking with Transformation & Change to Performance Management, Employee Engagement and Strategy Creation. Our training programmes are facilitated by HR practitioners/ professionals with expert domain knowledge and vast industry-wide practical experience.

In addition to public training workshops and seminars, SHRICORP also offers Customised Corporate Training with tailored solutions to meet an organisation‘s specific training needs by providing the flexibility to blend or add topics as required. We aim to assist our clients to relate the training to bottom-line results by working closely with HR professionals, facilitators and business heads to evaluate training’s ROI.

As a consultancy firm, we are business-focused, have a strong HR foundation and combine creativity and strategic thinking with excellent facilitation, process leadership, hard work and delivery. We believe that our success stems from our ability to help organisations reach better HR solutions by working in partnership with our clients’ stakeholders, from senior management to in-house HR and the workforce. Whilst we have a number of models and best practices, we believe in working with clients to find the right approach for their organisation and the challenges they are working with.

Through collaborations with a global network of consultants, practitioners and trainers, SHRICORP can effectively blend training and consulting services to deliver complete, integrated and holistic solutions to meet most corporate and people development needs.

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For further assistance, please contact SHRICORP Human Capital Solutions Team at Tel: (65) 6438 0012; email: [email protected].