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Performance Post Pandemic - Improving Working Experience for High Performance

As the COVID-19 pandemic severely disrupted the global economic activity, government mandates have been encouraging organisations to adopt work-from-home strategies. The alternative workplace has changed where and how people work - in turn, impacted the way Human Resource Professionals conduct Talent Performance Management. 

Join us on 25 September for our #infoHR Webinar Series: Performance Post Pandemic - Improving working experience for high performance to hear our speakers from Darwinbox and SHRI share their expertise on adapting to the new normal of business continuity.

Date: 25 September 2020, Friday

Time: 4pm (SGT)

Platform: Zoom

Fee: Free for SHRI Members | $20 for non-members (waived in view of COVID-19)

Session Details

Topic: Rethinking Talent Management to build a high-performance remote workforce

By Speaker: Chaitanya Peddi

Most large enterprises agree that the challenges with effective performance management processes are that they are not transparent, too subjective and just don't provide enough value add to the employees. Most large enterprises agree that the challenges with effective performance management processes are that they are not transparent, too subjective and just don't provide enough value add to the employees. Organisations are starting to adopt the digital route and are looking for solutions that enable them to perform the three major performance management activities - Goal management, multi-source feedback and performance evaluation.

But, as work goes remote, it adds another layer of challenges. Employees are wondering how they will be evaluated given the new work from home scenario. Appraisals, review cycles and bonuses will have to assume new avatars. So, how can businesses leverage the power of digitizing their performance management to sail through the present and gear up for the future? 

Talking points: 

  • CHRO’s perspective on ways in which organisations can re-strategize their talent management
  • Challenges with performance management as teams go remote
  • The need for digitalization of performance management & its impact
  • Leading the change and driving adoption for digital performance management:- the dos, don'ts and best practices
  • How employees view this shift in culture and pointers to overcome their challenges

Topic: Employee Experience in the new Normal

By Speaker: Alvin Goh

This new era of work has completely altered the employee experience. Organisations must ensure that employee needs are looked into and taken care of without compromising their job performance as deliverables are still needed to meet business objectives. How do we ensure continuity and consistency in performance despite the change of working norm?

Key Learning Points:

  • Holistic view of Employee Experience with Altruism, Compassion and Empathy
  • Responding to employee needs
  • Building trust in the organisation
  • Workforce effectiveness and well-being

Speaker Details

Speaker: Chaitanya Peddi

Co-Founder of Darwinbox

Chaitanya Peddi is the Co-Founder of Darwinbox. Recognised as the most preferred HCM solution in APAC by Gartner, Darwinbox is used by 350+ large enterprises to manage their end to end HR needs. 

He is an ex-HR consultant with Ernst & Young has advised global firms on Organization Design and Performance Management. He also worked for product development at Verizon. His consulting as well as product development experience at Verizon gives him a rare vantage point in the HR Tech world today.

A true subject matter expert of both HR and Technology, Chaitanya heads product development at Darwinbox. His experience as an HR consultant has empowered him to understand the needs of the HR Tech market and build a world class product that can optimally automate and simplify HR processes for enterprise.

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Panellist: Alvin Goh

Executive Director

Singapore Human Resource Institute

Alvin is an accomplished international senior business manager with over 15 years’ of experience in the financial and consulting industry where he played key roles in various business and human capital transformation projects that has translated to net bottom line growth of USD100 million.

He was part of a task force that had to implement a comprehensive BCP during the SARS pandemic when he was working in Shanghai, China. He saw first-hand how badly it affected the livelihood and mental state of his staff and students.

Alvin firmly believes that a well thought out BCP should go beyond the protection of an organisation’s operations, systems, infrastructure, reputation and business assets and must include the well-being of its people.

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