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Fair Consideration Framework

As a meritocratic society with a workforce diverse in ethnicity, religion, age and gender, Singapore has always strived to highlight the importance of fair employment. The recent debate and concerns over rising job insecurity during this pandemic and competition for jobs between locals and foreigners has further emphasised the need for organisations to be more transparent and fair in their hiring and employment practices.


Join our webinar on the Fair Consideration Framework (FCF) to hear our speakers share their thoughts and guidance on responsible employment in these challenging times.


Date: 21 October 2020, Wednesday

Time: 4pm

Platform: Zoom

Fee: Free for SHRI Members | $20 for non-members

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Engage with the esteemed panellists Ms Cham Hui Fong, Mr Douglas Foo, Ms Faith Li, Mr Lian Ming Wee and Mr Mayank Parekh in a panel discussion moderated by Mr Alvin Goh to discuss:

  • • Hiring of foreigners
  • • Building a strong Singaporean core by developing and investing in talents
  • • More transparency on hiring practices
  • • Job insecurity for fresh grads and PMETs

Panellists and Moderator Details

Panellist: Ms Cham Hui Fong

Deputy Secretary-General,


Ms Cham Hui Fong serves as Deputy Secretary-General of NTUC. She is also the Group Director, Workforce of NTUC where she looks after the partnership and synergies amongst the five workforce segments in NTUC – namely, unions, U Associates, SMEs, freelancers and self-employed, as well as the migrant workers. She is also deeply involved in union work, serving as the Executive Secretary for several aerospace and aviation unions. Representing workers and the Labour Movement, she also sits in several tripartite committees that look into wages, workplace and employment practices including employment of mature workers, labour-related legislations as well as the future economy of Singapore.

Panellist: Mr Douglas Foo (BBM)

President of Singapore Manufacturing Federation

Founder and Chairman of Sakae Holdings Limited

Mr Douglas Foo is the President of Singapore Manufacturing Federation and Vice Chairman of Singapore Business Federation as well as Vice President of Singapore National Employers’ Federation. He is also the Founder and Chairman of Sakae Holdings Limited. Mr Foo sits on numerous boards for Corporate, Governmental and Non-profit organizations. He is also the recipient of numerous illustrious accolades and awards. He is awarded ASEAN-China Young Entrepreneur Award 2011, Public Service Star Award 2013 from His Excellency, the President of the Republic of Singapore in recognition of his philanthropic efforts.

Panellist: Ms Faith Li

General Manager,

Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP)

Ms Faith Li is General Manager, Tripartite Alliance for Fair and Progressive Employment Practices (TAFEP). TAFEP promotes the adoption of fair, responsible and progressive employment practices. TAFEP also works closely with the Ministry of Manpower to ensure employers adhere to the Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices and the Fair Consideration Framework.

Panellist: Mr Lian Ming Wee

Director of Foreign Workforce Policy Department,

Ministry of Manpower

Mr Lian Ming Wee is the Director of Foreign Workforce Policy Department at the Ministry of Manpower. The Foreign Workforce Policy Department is responsible for the formulation and calibration of foreign workforce policies. The department seeks to ensure that the foreign workforce complements the local workforce to achieve good employment outcomes for workers along with good business outcomes for firms. Under the Fair Consideration Framework, the department also formulates policies to ensure that locals are fairly considered for job opportunities. Prior to joining the Ministry of Manpower, Mr Lian was in the Ministry of Finance and Ministry of Trade and Industry.

Panellist: Mr Mayank Parekh


Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP)

Mr Mayank Parekh is the CEO of the Institute for Human Resource Professionals (IHRP). IHRP is the HR professional body in Singapore that defines HR standards of excellence and leads the adoption of progressive human capital practices. Through programmes such as the IHRP Certification, Human Capital Diagnostics Tool (HCDT) and Knowledge Partner Programme (KPP), IHRP aims to enhance the competencies of HR professionals, allowing HR professionals to be key enablers of workforce and business transformation.

Mayank has over 30 years of experience in regional, global HR and general management roles in both the public and private sectors.

Moderator: Mr Alvin Goh

Executive Director,

Singapore Human Resources Institute

Mr Alvin Goh is an accomplished international senior business manager with over 15 years’ of experience in the financial and consulting industry where he played key roles in various business and human capital transformation projects that has translated to net bottom line growth of USD100 million.

He was part of a task force that had to implement a comprehensive BCP during the SARS pandemic when he was working in Shanghai, China. He saw first-hand how badly it affected the livelihood and mental state of his staff and students.

Alvin firmly believes that a well thought out BCP should go beyond the protection of an organisation’s operations, systems, infrastructure, reputation and business assets and must include the well-being of its people.

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