SHRI Go Green Initiatives
March 30, 2023

Dear students,

We are excited to announce that Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) is launching a new green initiative as part of our commitment to sustainability and environmental protection. SHRI actively contributes to the global HR community and is the nation’s leading professional HR body. We believe that going green can benefit not only our planet but also our business and our students.

Our green initiative aims to reduce our carbon footprint, energy consumption, waste generation and paper usage. One of the fundamental changes we are implementing is to stop printing notes for students and switch to digital materials instead. This will help us save trees, water, energy and money. It will also make it easier for you to access your learning resources anytime, anywhere.

We understand that this change may require some adjustment, but we hope you will support us in this endeavour. Going green can positively impact your health, well-being and productivity. It can also enhance your brand recognition and employability as an eco-conscious HR professional.

We thank you for your understanding and cooperation in this matter. With SHRI, you can play a part in creating a greener environment for yourself and future generations.

Alvin Goh, Director, L&D
SHRI Academy Pte Ltd