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Wellness Programme

Actxa Wellness believes that every employer should have accessibility to employee wellness solutions to acquire and retain talent, and to be able to provide a conducive work culture to drive/nurture positive lifestyle habits.

Using data and science-based research, the Actxa Wellness Programme

(AWP) is employee- focused and is designed to allow for employers to present a safe and inclusive work environment. The AWP will support employees in their positive lifestyle journey to grow stronger in mental and physical resilience, and in the process also establish a closer bond to the company through activities within the internal community.

About the Programme:

The Actxa Wellness Programme provides employee wellness solutions to build culture, increase engagement, and improve mental wellbeing. The Actxa Wellness Programme is able to address mental issues through content and activities specific to nutrition, sleep and physical activity. These work in tandem with the devices we provide to track personalised data and set goals for participants to continue to be motivated with reward points, which they can accumulate and redeem through our programme partners. These activities which are done individually and also in groups (virtual or physical), eventually help build sustainable positive habits.