Singapore Professionals’ & Executives Co-operative (SPEC) were founded in May 2000 by Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI).
SPEC strives to create a ‘harbour of lives and opportunities’ for its members and be a dynamic and efficient source of help for professionals, managers, executives, businessmen and the self-employed (PMEBS).
SPEC is a ‘harbour’ where you can stop to refuel, refresh or recharge yourself with the right resources. SPEC offers its members opportunities to develop and upgrade themselves.
A new economy co-operative, SPEC aims to be a dynamic and efficient source of help for its members to thrive and seek gainful economic activities, including employment. Our vision is to achieve connectivity with its members, thus enhancing and enriching social capital in Singapore for the progress and prosperity of their family and at the workplace. We aim to provide professionals and executives the opportunities of employability in this dynamic working environment that we have today.
Overview of Services@ SPEC:
  • Portable Medical Insurance
  • Employment Services
  • Corporate Placement Services
  • Job Career Counselling Services
  • Work-life Advisory Services
  • Legal Advisory Services