Membership Services

In bringing Jobs, Opportunities and Businesses to members, corporate partners and job seekers, SPEC provides an array of services as following and facilitates for the enablement of citizens of Singapore. SPEC always thrives on our motto “A harbour of life and opportunities”
How do I enroll as a member?
Being a member of SPEC is just a few easy steps away.
1) Visit SPEC office to fill an application form
2) Pay a one-time registration fee of $10 (non-refundable) and purchase a minimum of 50 SPEC shares at $1/ share (refundable on termination after the first year of membership)
3) Alternatively, you can download an application form, submit it via fax, email  & post with cheque payment to SPECHow do I enroll as a member?
Who are our members? 
As of December 2007, out of the total 1772 members, 36% or 636 were female and 64% or 1136 were male. Membership at SPEC is not restricted to just professionals and executives, SPEC is almost for everyone!
You may have left your job to take care of your children.  Or you may be the director of a company.  Whichever the case, SPEC has a place for you – in and out of job.
  • All Singaporeans and Permanent Residents
  • Aged 18 and above
Membership Benefits
In bringing Jobs, Opportunities and Businesses to members, corporate partners and job seekers, SPEC provides the following services and facilities.
Be a SPEC member today and enjoy these benefits:
  • Portable Medical Insurance
  • Legal Advisory
  • Work Life Advisory
  • Job/Career Counselling
  • Corporate Secretariat Services
Group Protection & Welfare Benefits

To help you ride over unforeseen transitions in your working life, SPEC offers insurance schemes with portable benefits without encouraging a “crutch mentality”. For a very special annual premium, SPEC members are eligible for a number of core protection/ insurance programmes, which include hospitalisation/surgery and payout due to personal accident. SPEC is also looking into other medical benefits to help members defray increasingly high medical costs.
The annual premium payable is kept low and affordable for all members.
Group Insurance
Insurance Protection – suitable for those who are on contractual, part-time and portfolio status; employed; self-employed and those in career transition or not in any employment
  • Hospitalization & Surgical benefits
  • Sum payable upon death due to illness
  • Optional Riders
    • Clinical outpatient
    • Specialist outpatient
    • Group Personal Accident.
Legal Advisory

Members can approach SPEC’s team of professionals for advice on any legal issues including disputes arising from employment. Although the co-operative does not intend to replace or compete with existing established channels of dispute settlement in Singapore, it strives to help aggrieved individuals bring their disputes to an end and get on with their lives.
Work Life Advisory
Companies can turn to SPEC for assistance with workplace concerns or advice in creating a happy work environment with pro-family policies and programmes. SPEC provides training and consultancy services on balanced work life.
Job/Career Counselling
On the individual basis, members can obtain counselling service on career management and advancement. Members are encouraged to advance their knowledge, skills and competencies not only within but also outside their own fields.
Your Ideas Matter
As a co-operative, we value your ideas. With your participation and contributions, we can implement more innovative programmes that will benefit SPEC members. Please forward your comments and suggestions to
Benefits of being a SPEC member
Be a SPEC member today and you will be able to enjoy the following services at a low price.
SPEC has in place a framework of support and advisory services. Besides advisory and counselling services, SPEC also recognizes the importance of insurance protection as well as hospitalization and surgical coverage for its members. While different situations require different approaches, unexpected events, which are not within our control, can happen. To a certain extent, insurance could ease some immediate financial difficulties faced by members and their family members.
  • Portable Medical Insurance
  • Legal Advisory Services
  • Work Life Advisory Services
  • Job/Career Counseling Services
  • Corporate Secretarial Services
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