JobCentre Services

We have a wide range of services at JobCentre (SPEC EA License Number : 16C8363) that aims to place job-seekers in jobs that they are interested in and fulfill corporate clients’ recruitment needs. In addition, JobCentre also provides career coaching and counseling services to advise individuals on their career needs.
  • Facilitate job matches
  • Assessing Job-seeker background and skills sets
  • Assessing job expectations
  • Liaise with prospective employers to interview job-seekers
  • Follow-up on outcome of job referrals and job placements
  • Career Coaching/ Counseling
  • Recommend relevant training
Job Placement Process
Our 5-step Job Placement process:
Step 1: Needs Analysis
  • Ensure understanding of client’s business culture and needs
  • Discuss with client requirements, scope, responsibilities and compensation package for the position
Step 2: Sourcing and Pre-qualifying
  • Source for suitable candidates through existing database and networking
  • Screen and evaluate candidates’ resumes
  • Prepare background profiles
Step 3: Interviewing Candidates
  • Select suitable candidates
  • Arrange for interviews
Step 4: Shortlist
  • Shortlist candidates
  • Review the candidates with client
Step 5: Negotiation/ Compensation
  • Negotiate salary and benefits on behalf of employee
Step 6: Follow Up
  • Ensure smooth transition and assimilation for selected candidate
Some of our successful job placements
Clients: Oil and Gas
  • Position: Process and Project Engineer
  • Position: Software Administrator
Clients: Healthcare Industry
  • Position: Personal Assistants and Secretary
  • Position: Lab Analyst
Clients: Science and Technology Industry
  • Position: Purchasing Assistant
  • Position: Administrative staff
Clients: Hospitality Industry
  • Position: Human Resource Assistant
Clients: Retail Industry
  • Position: Senior Purchasing Assistant
  • Position: Senior HR Executive
Clients: Hospitals Industry
  • Position: Finance Assistant
Clients: Construction Industry
  • Position: Project Manager
Clients: Finance
  • Position: Financial Analyst
Clients: Food & Beverage
  • Position: Finance Manager
  • Position: Procurement Manager
  • Position: Accountant
Interim Management
Why SPEC Interim Management?
Interim Management serves to fulfill a company’s short term or sudden need of a management position. Such situations might occur when existing staff leaves the position or when the company embarks on a new project. SPEC has a ready pool of experienced managers to bridge that gap for an interim period.
What SPEC interim managers do?
Interim managers can manage a project, manage change, and provide additional support to implement a business opportunity or support when existing management are absent or fully-stretched, improving overall business performance. As the interim managers focus exclusively on the task in hand, they can mentor and coach the other in-house executives at the same time.
Why hire on an interim basis?
In many organizations, resources are stretched. Interim managers prove to be a cost-effective solution that delivers results to your business. This resource also substantially reduces the traditionally start-up and ongoing costs and risk to a business. Moreover, project or interim-based responsibilities can be shouldered by an interim manager without loading existing staff with additional work unnecessarily.
Interim management solutions at SPEC
At SPEC, the interim management process starts once we gather some details from the client. We then identify potential candidates whose experience, background and industry knowledge match the specific requirements of the assignment. We will then ascertain their suitability and availability.
Introduction to PrimePlus
According to projections by the Ministry of Manpower, Singapore’s net inflow of local workers will slow down from an average of 44,000 today to 24,000 between 2010 and 2015. Employers cannot afford to continue to ignore older workers, especially since many of them have valuable experience, knowledge and expertise.
SPEC has a special wing – PrimePlus – that fans out in all directions to find gainful employment for PMETs (Professionals, Managers, Executives and Technicians) with diploma or higher education and successful work experience of more than 20 years. Individuals who register for SPEC’s PrimePlus programme are classified into key professional areas.
PrimePlus Service and Aims
At JobCentre, we find ways for PrimePlus group of senior personnel aged 50 and above to re-enter the workforce, contribute to the economy and make a living as long as they are able to.Another aim of PrimePlus programme is to correct the employer’s erroneous perception that middle-aged and the over 50’s do not contribute to their businesses.
Why hire PrimePlus employees (PP)?
PPs are generally more experienced than younger employees. Their experience should be quite valuable to companies. Youth and newer knowledge do not replace real life experience. These days, PPs are becoming more realistic in their economic value. Many of them are willing to take lower pay and continue working. There must be a right economic value for PPs that matches PP’s financial and employers’ needs. Also, PPs are more willing to take on “project” work, as in our Rent-a-Professional programme. In this model, employers have good flexibility in engaging only when they need good resources, while still utilising good, experienced and productive professionals.
For Corporate Clients
We provide services that assist corporate clients and their employees cope with retrenchment related issues. Consultants can also advise on improving workplace morale.
a) Workplace Advisory
Companies can turn to SPEC for assistance with workplace concerns or advice in creating a happy work environment with pro-family policies and programmes. SPEC provides training and consultancy services on balanced work life.
Your ideal one-stop referral and resource centre for issues relating to:
  • Workplace problem intervention
  • Intransigent absenteeism, lack of punctuality
  •  Lack of motivation and under-performance
  • Disruptive behaviour and interpersonal problems with colleagues
  • Unwillingness to upgrade
  • Stress-related problems
  • Personal or family-related problems interfering with work performance
b) AfterCare Service
A special retrenchment aftercare service for the corporate client that cares for the people.
HR departments need to help retrenched or departing employees cope. We understand that it is difficult to help such employees cope with the change and begin the transition process. Hence our Aftercare Service includes advisory and assistance to retrenched and departing employees to help them find alternative jobs and move on.
Companies undergoing retrenchment exercises may engage our AfterCare Service in the following services.
  • A 6-month aftercare service duration
  • A maximum of 6 face-to-face 45 minutes counselling or advisory sessions for each retrenched/ departing employee
  • Briefing on resume-writing and interviewing skills
  • One-on-one counselling/ advisory
  • Group Protection Coverage (Medical Insurance)
For Individuals
a) Gainful Employment
SPEC helps to find members job opportunities in the form of gainful employment. Some of these may come in the form of social enterprise, self-employment and freelancing.
b) SPEC Social Enterprise Guidance
A social enterprise (“SE”) is a sustainable business with a social mission. It is expected to apply business practices to achieve its social mission in a financially sustainable manner. Profits earned are reinvested in its social cause and not distributed to the enterprise owners for their personal gain. In doing so, it combines the business and entrepreneurial skills typical of the private sector with the philanthropic mission characteristic of the people sector.
Because of the rapidly changing global market place, there are new and emerging challenges that require radical and creative approaches. Hence, SPEC has decided to introduce a social enterprise in the form of assisting retrenched or unemployed citizens to find gainful employment in the form of Social Enterprise, Self-employment and Freelancing.
Examples of some of the jobs that we might introduce
  • Distribution of household appliances like water dispensers with filters
  • Pay cards for time based payment at internet cafes
  • Happy hours at restaurants and bars
Basically, SPEC hopes to bring businesses to people who are unemployed who want to seek jobs that are on a project basis. We serve as middlemen between contractors and businesses who enlist the help of contractors. SPEC will serve as a centre that businesses can liaise with and our contractors would be the ones who would serve these needs. We also ensure that our contractors deliver top-notch service that is with quality.
This business idea will help our members become more employable and SPEC would serve a social need in bringing jobs to people.
c) Career Advisory
Targeted at fresh school leavers, midlife workers who are undergoing career transition, and employees who are facing challenges at work or at home, which are affecting work performance. We strive to help these individuals gain confidence and adopt positive attitude to deal with challenges.
d) Career Counseling
On the individual basis, members can obtain counseling service on career management and advancement. Members are encouraged to advance their knowledge, skills and competencies not only within but also outside their own fields.
  • Job Assessment Service
  • Job Developmental and Placement Service
e) Outplacement Services
Change is never easy. When organizations streamline, downsize or relocate all or part of their operations, this typically leads to manpower reduction. As a result, the question of how to handle the aftermath of retrenchments, layoffs and economic restructuring is a crucial one.
Employees are fraught with anxiety and uncertainty of the future. As a result, employees who face the possibility of a job loss may feel at a loss. Hence, that’s where SPEC comes in to offer career advisory services and aftercare, as well as services to place unemployed professionals into gainful employment. We have PrimePlus and Interim Management to help professionals tide over the painful times of unemployment.
f) One-to-one Coaching and Counseling service
To facilitate a smooth transition from being employed to being unemployed, SPEC offers one-to-one coaching and counseling services, where individuals are encouraged to advance their knowledge, skills and competencies not only within, but also outside their own fields.
Available at low costs, these services include
  • Evaluating individuals’ current career situation
  • In-depth discussion of current work-life situation
  • Professional resume development-Coaching in resume writing
  • Imparting job search techniques
  • Imparting communication and social skills
  • Coaching on interviews
  • Promoting pro-activeness, not procrastination
  • Providing tips on personal grooming
  • Assisting in evaluating job offers
g) Pathfinders (Profiling tools)
Using the Pathfinders profiling assessment system, our experienced consultants help candidates identify skills, abilities and interests that one has never discovered earlier. Pathfinders also coach people for Growth, Development and Choice process.
“Choose a career you love and you will never have to work a day in your life” – Confucius.
Do you know what your dream job is and how to get it?
PASS (Pathfinders Assessment Scores) can help you find your “Career Fit.”
Discover your hidden potential and how you can use it effectively to achieve success and satisfaction in life. PASS can help provide you with the tools necessary to shed a spotlight on career opportunities you may not even have thought about previously.
See how a seasoned professional can help you navigate through the roadmap of numerous career alternatives.
The PASS profile will highlight YOUR unique behaviours and interests, and suggest educational and/or career options that best suit YOU.
With the increased growth in competition, the need for a carefully designed career plan is inevitable.
It is never too late to plan for your future – Start building your roadmap today!
Are you at the Crossroad?
Whether you are a student, fresh graduate, or working adult…you will be at the threshold of life where every step you take will decide your future!
Counselor’s Profile
Suresh Shah, the Managing Director of Pathfinders Enterprise holds a Masters degree in Business Administration from USA. He is a globally certified Counselor, and a Business Coach and Trainer. He was previously President and Chief Operating Officer of a global organization. Most recently, Suresh was appointed the Special Advisor to the Chairman of a large industrial group based in Singapore, with businesses worldwide. He is praised for nurturing young talent throughout his career of more than 25 years. Suresh is a strategic planner and strong leader, who has demonstrated interpersonal skills and is comfortable in cross-cultural environments. His current role at Pathfinders Enterprise follows extensive counseling and coaching experience in Singapore and India, including Individual senior-level assessment and counselling.
“From where you are…………………to where you want to be in LIFE.”
h) Career Fairs/ Exhibitions
Career Fairs/ Exhibition – SPEC participates in job and career fairs to showcase job openings and introduce services of SPEC.
Reasons for engaging JobCentre’s services
Working closely with an extensive network of business and professional partners, search firms, recruitment agencies and Singapore Human Resource Institute (SHRI), we are able to reach out to large pools of talented individuals with the needed skill sets, qualifications and experiences from diverse industries.
SPEC services differentiate from traditional practices in recruitment
Key to our success is to continuously improve our service by keeping up to date with recruitment best practices through research and collaboration with professional institutions and partners. We embark upon an effective selection process that ensures the very best candidates are presented to clients on a short-list of two or three. These candidates will be fully briefed by us, interviewed and are immediately available.

We acknowledge that recruitment framework can be different for each of our clients – not that ‘one size fits all’. We work closely with our clients including the management and employees through the recruitment process. In this way, we can fully understand clients’ requirements and target our search accordingly. Our focus is on FIT and culture of the organization. Success stories tell us that the understanding of organization culture goes a long way.