Consulting & Will Writing Services

1) Career Counseling
On the individual basis, members can obtain counseling service on career management and advancement. Members are encouraged to advance their knowledge, skills and competencies not only within but also outside their own fields.
2) Work Life Advisory
Companies can turn to SPEC for assistance with workplace concerns or advice in creating a happy work environment with pro-family policies and programmes. SPEC provides training and consultancy services on balanced work life.
3) Will Writing
Traditional process of drawing up a will is one that encompasses a string of inconveniences. At SPEC, our consultant will explain the importance and relevance of a will and assist you through the whole process.
 Who gets your property?
 Who will be the guardian of your children?
 Who will manage your estate?
These questions will be answered when you prepare a will to solve any problems that will arise without it.
Why should we write a will?
  • To denote who your beneficiaries will be and your choice of asset allocation rather than allowing the law to decide for you.
  • With a Will, the following persons will be adequately provided for:
    • Family members
    • Partners who are not married
    • Step-children
    • Illegitimate children
  • To appoint the people of your choice to administer to your estate, to carry out your wishes and safeguard the interest of those whom you love and care for.
  • To avoid situations whereby family members contest over the right to administer your estate.
  • To appoint guardians for infant children in the event of your spouse predeceasing you or if both were to pass on, so that their general well-being will be taken care of.
  • Having a Will can hasten the administration of the estate for your loved ones.
  • It is cheaper for your estate when you have a Will, as the cost of legal fees to apply for Grant of Probate is less than applying for Letters of Administration.
How is a Will drawn up?
The traditional process of drawing up a Will is one that encompasses a string of inconveniences. These days, drawing a Will is as simple as contacting SPEC. Our legal consultants will help you draw up a Will in the comfort of our office premises.
The Will will be ready within 3 to 5 working days. It will be a legal binding document that will ensure that your last wishes will be fulfilled.
The importance of a Will cannot be understated.
More than likely a Will is perhaps the most important legal document the average person will ever sign.