The SPEC is one of Singapore’s oldest, and most respected Co-operative conglomerates. The group’s services are spread over several business sectors.

June 2006
5th Annual General Meeting
Launch of JobCentre@ SPEC With the experience and valuable insights garnered, SPEC transformed Careerlink@SPEC into JobCentre@SPEC to assist individuals and organisations in their recruitment and outplacement needs. Started its operation with support by SHRI (founder) via its TalentCentre, JobCentre@SPEC also provides people management and consultancy services.

SPEC offers the following career assistance/ advisory services:

  • priority job matching/ placements for jobseekers/ organisations;
  • programmes to identify the hidden potentials of jobseekers/ employees;
  • assistance for job hunting for jobseekers;
  • resume writing and interview preparation;
  • library/ workstations; and
  • networking and business introduction.
February 2005
Efforts to market SPEC’s Outplacement Servicesduring 2004 saw results coming in from February onwards with several organizations engaging SPEC for:
  • Pre-exercise workshops for the management staff
  • On-site counselling service
  • Aftercare services for affected Staff – job search and advisory services for 6-months
  • WSTP training for career transition
July/August 2005
Collaborated with Pathfinders Enterprise to offer Pathfinders Assessment Scores (PASS) as another career management service.
PASS is a comprehensive profiling tool designed to assist an individual to create a proper fit for maximizing the opportunities and making way for success under the guidance of professional counsellors.
 PASS Tool was actively promoted at various Learning and Career Fairs to assist the unemployed and new market entrants to establish clearer career pathways for themselves.
May 2004
PrimePlus Monthly Networking/ RoundTable Launch. Launched the monthly networking gathering for job seekers and senior PMETs. The session provided presentation of SPEC and its services, job and career opportunities from invited employers and services providers, feedback and networking amongst participants. SPEC planned the program and facilitated the proceeding and networking.
November 2004
Participated as a supporting organisation for the SMa HR Conference. SPEC’s Chairman, Mr. Allen Pathmarajah was the keynote speaker.
Singapore Learning Festival (SLF)– WDASPEC’s Chairman, Mr. Allen Pathmarajah spoke on mindset change at the launch of SLF at Takashimaya where the Prime Minister Mr. Lee Hsien Loong was the Guest of Honour.  SPEC provided career counseling clinic and registration at site during the Singapore Learning Festival.

Conducted 5 days’ Employment Services Training for the Bhutanese from the Ministry of Labour, Bhutan.
December 2004
Singapore Learning Festival (SLF) – WDA 

Provided various talks on career management and managing transition at various road shows and venues by respective CDCs and Learning @ suntec fair.

 Launch of the Professional Management Consultancy Workshop. Very good and overwhelming response/feedback from the participants and public on the continuation of the workshop. This led to the successful formation of The Management Consultancy Interest Group (MCIG) where SPEC is the Professional Services Provider.
June 2003
SPEC introduced yet another two new services:
August 2003
SPEC implemented the fee based – Business Consultancy Services.
September 2003
Launch of Project PrimePlus – a MCDS funded programme (for period 1 September 2003 to 31 August 2004).
October 2003
Launch of the SPEC/UOB Affinity VISA Gold Card -exclusively for SPEC and SHRI members.
22 February 2002
SPEC participated and conducted 3 sessions ofCareer Talks at the 1st Executive Fair organised by MOM at Suntec City.
9 April 2002
SPEC was appointed by MOM to be one of thetraining providers for the SET (Self-Employment Training) programme.  Another government funded project to assist Singaporeans to acquire some basic skills to start a business.A one-year government funded project (9 April 2002 to 8 April 2003).

Dr Cheong Kun Pui, member of SPEC BODs, received the plaque on behalf of SPEC.

16 August 2002
Organised the 1st networking nite.  60 SPEC’s members and WSTP participants attended.
November 2002
SPEC contributed in the MOM’s Distributed CareerLink Network (DCN) – support group’s Service Manual.  The development of the Service Manual was for the use of the service providers providing employment and training assistance at the job centres in the DCN.
1 January 2001
SPEC’s portable group insurance was officially launched and introduced to members.
March 2001
SPEC put in place more services for its members:
  • Employment Contract Vetting Service
  • Work Life Advisory Service
  • Job/Career Counselling Service
May 2001
Two more services were implemented :
  • Business Consultancy Service
  • Financial Planning Advisory Service
1 December 2001
SPEC was given funding by the Ministry of Manpower to run the following national projects to provide assistance to those who are affected by the economic slowdown.Both are one-year government funded projects (1 Dec 2001 to 30 Nov 2002).

  • To conduct the WSTP (WorkSkills Training Programme)
  • To set up a CareerLink centre to serve as a one-stop advisory services on employment and training.
16 May 2000
SPEC was officially registered on 16 May 2000. 

(Singapore Professional Executives’ Co-operative Ltd)

June 2000
SPEC implemented two key services:
·                     Legal Aid Service
·                     Employment Service
16 May 2000
SPEC was officially registered on 16 May 2000. 

(Singapore Professional Executives’ Co-operative Ltd)

June 2000
SPEC implemented two key services:
·                     Legal Aid Service
·                     Employment Service