SPEC is founded by Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) in May 2000.
Launched in the aftermath of the Asian Financial Crisis in 1997 and 1998, SPEC helped Singaporean  professionals and executives who were retrenched. SPEC to look for jobs and also helped those whose jobs were affected by the severe acute respiratory syndrome (Sars) scare in 2003 and the rapid restructuring of the economy.
SPEC strives to create a “harbour of lives and opportunities” forSingapore’s professionals, managers, executives, businessmen and self-employed (PMEBS). A new economy co-operative, SPEC aims to be a dynamic and efficient source of help for its members to thrive and seek gainful employment.
SPEC’s vision is to achieve connectivity with its members, thus enhancing and enriching social capital in Singapore for the progress and prosperity of their family and workplace. Our co-operative values are based on self-help, self-responsibility, democracy, solidarity, and ethical values of honesty, openness, social responsibility and caring of others.
Looking ahead, SPEC helps to ensure that Singapore’s professionals and executives in its fold can find comfort and support not just during times of uncertainty, but also to meet the challenges of the new economy.
Overview of Services@SPEC:
  • Portable medical insurance
  • Legal advisory services
  • Employment services
  • Employment contract vetting services
  • Job/career counselling services
  • Work-life advisory services
  • Business consultancy services
  • Consultancy/management services (for SMEs)
  • Corporate placement services