SHRI-Engage Year 2012


Year 2012

Dates Topics
November 2012
29-Nov-12 Getting Fit in the Office – Jackson Tan
6-Nov-12 Mindset vs. Skillset Workshop – Dr Colin Selby (Cancelled)
October 2012
30-Oct-12 Bringing out the Best in People through Job/ Person fit
25-Oct-12 Legal Consultation & Discussion for SHRI Members
23-Oct-12 The Practical Application Of The Employment Act When Hiring Employee (Cancelled)
4-Oct-12 Basics of Implementing Flexible Work Arrangements (FWA)
September 2012
27-Sep-12 HR Legal Clinic Workshop- David Shanmugam
25-Sep-12 Greening the Workplace: The Role of HR Professionals and HR Practices – John Bratton
13-Sep-12 The Art of Recovering Debt – For HR and People Managers – David Shanmugam
7-Sep-12 Storytelling At Your Workplace(evening hours) – Ms Kamini
August 2012
15-Aug-12 Updates on CPF Changes – Georgina Gao (CPF)
2-Aug-12 Key points when leasing property – A HR Perspective – David Shanmugam
June 2012
29-Jun-12 Fort Fantastic – An Innovative Way To Learn As Teams – (Cancelled)
31 May & 1 June 2012 HRIS -The right move towards organizational effectiveness – (Cancelled)
May 2012
24-May-12 Power Harassment: Protect Your Organization – Corinna Lim (Cancelled)
22-May-12 Retirement Planning & The Use Of Staff Benefits Schemes For Employee – Irene Yee
17-May-12 Social Media – What is it, Why is it necessary and How to get started
April 2012
18-Apr-12 Free Admission: Workflow Simulation – Singapore’s New Cruise Terminal
12-Apr-12 Free Admission: Balanced Living is more than Peak Performance – John Wong
5-Apr-12 Free Admission: Human Resource Information Systems (HRIS) – The right move towards organizational effectiveness! -with Republic Polytechnic
March 2012
21-Mar-12 So What Are We Really Paying For? – Leanne Markus
16-Mar-12 Free Admission: SME Technology Series – Making HR Management easier with Software-as-a-Service
8-Mar-12 MDIS International Women Day 2012: Connecting Women, Inspiring Futures
6-Mar-12 2FA, Cyber Security and Staff Wellness – Chai Chin Loon
1-Mar-12 Free Admission: HR and Financial Service – How can your Organisation stay Compliant & Competitive
February 2012
16-Feb-12 Making Employee Benefits Relevant to your Employees – Kylie Tan




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