SHRI-Engage Year 2011

Year 2011

Dates Topics
30-Nov-11 Briefing on Enhanced Tripartite Guidelines on Fair Employment Practices
15-Nov-11 The Re-employment Challenge – setting up for success
10-Nov-11 “Rapid Transformation” Through workforce planning and social learning
28-Oct-11 Company’s Tax Obligations for Year of Assessment 2011
18-Oct-11 Making Employee Benefits Relevant to your Employees
13-Oct-11 Joint Event by SHRI & ACCA
29-Sep-11 Driving Business Productivity – Australian Institute of Management (AIM)
27-Sep-11 Principled Leadership – The Pinnacle of Leadership
22-Sep-11 The Journey of Organizational Transformation leading to Business Excellence
15-Sep-11 SHRI Engage – Updates on CPF changes
8-Sep-11 The Re-employment Challenge – setting up for success
4-Aug-11 Briefing on the Extension of the WSH Act
2-Aug-11 Change is Constant – The potential impact on HR as Financial Services evolve
29-Jul-11 Competency Assurance & Management For Hospitality & Hotel Industry – Ritu Bharadwaj
6-Jul-11 Talent Spotting & Talent Enhancement – Charles Lim
21-Jun-11 New Leadership & Lessons Learned from the Global Financial Crisis
– Angus Macalister
16-Jun-11 Dismissal / Termination of Employment in Singapore – Arthur Khong
10-May-11 Putting People First Pays! – Helen Lee
26-Apr-11 How to Build your Resilience for Performance, Health and Happiness
– Dr Sven Hansen
19-Apr-11 Understanding the PMEs Dispute Resolution Process – Arthur Khong
24-Mar-11 The Do’s and Dont’s in Employing Foreign Employee:
A HR and Legal Perspective >>



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