SHRI-Engage & Dialogue Sessions


Year 2017

Dates Topics
7 Feb 2017 Combating Certification Fraud
31 May 2017 Tough Lessons of Firms Caught on MOM’s Watchlist, And What You Should Know!
29 Jun 2017 SHRI Engage 2017: Understanding Your Obligations Under the Work Injury Compensation Act (WICA)
16 Aug 2017 SHRI Engage Session: Lasting Power of Attorney
31 Aug 2017 SHRI Engage 2017: A HR Professional’s Guide to Dispute Resolution Routes

Year 2016

Dates Topics
January 2016
06 Jan 2016 [Engage Session] How to Measure Your ROI in HR
13 Jan 2016 [Engage Session] How to Measure Your ROI in HR by Asha Hemrajani
February 2016
19 Feb 2016 SME HR Seminar : Employment Act
24 Feb 2016 SHRI Outlook
March 2016
16 Mar 2016 Closed-door engagement session on the HR Sectoral Manpower Plan
April 2016
13 Apr 2016 SME HR Seminar: HR Innovation
May 2016
11 May 2016 SME HR Seminar: Performance Appraisal

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SHRI-Dialogue Sessions

Year 2017

Dates Topics
24 Oct 2017 HR Leadership in the Future Economy

Year 2016

Dates Topics
15 Mar 2016 Dialogue with NTUC Asst. Sec-Gen Mr. Yeo Guat Kwang
13 Apr 2016 SHRI Post Budget – 2016 Dialogue
26 April 2016  [Free Admission] Doing the Right Thing in the Wrong Circumstances


Year 2014

Dates Topics
26 Mar 2014 Leading HR Leaders’/Entrepreneurs’ Dialogue
7 Apr 2014 Leading CEO Dialogue

Year 2013

Dates Topics
01 Aug 2013 Legal Consultation & Discussion for SHRI Members
30 Apr 2013 Dialogue Session with Ministry of Finance on Wage Credit Scheme

Year 2011

Dates Topics
25 May 2011 National Wages Council (NWC) Guidelines 2011/2012

Year 2010

Dates Topics
26 January 2010 Tripartite Advisory on Managing Manpower Challenges for Enhanced Competiveness and Sustainability
Draft Tripartite Guidelines on the Re-employment of Older Workers >>
18 June 2010 National Wage Council Guidelines 2010/2011>>



About SHRI Dialogue & Engage

SHRI Dialogue & Engage sessions, organised by SHRI, are held regularly to discuss issues and exchange solutions on what’s happening in the Singapore HR scene.


SHRI-Engage is a platform for sharing of information among SHRI members and the public. It seeks to enhance members’ knowledge base through inviting speakers to share on HR and/or business functional matters. Common topics such as Talent Management, Crisis Management and Fair Employment Practices were discussed in previous sessions. Participants can gain insightful advice through the Q&A session with relevant experts.


SHRI Dialogue serves as a platform for SHRI members to learn about changes or updates pertaining to industry regulations or legislation. Participants can gain a better understanding of the changes and updates and how the changes may affect their businesses and policies from the panel of HR practitioners, as well as representatives from relevant authorities or professional groups.


To learn more about SHRI’s Dialogue and Engage sessions, email us at

SHRI Webinar
SHRI launched its first online seminar, or Webinar, as a convenient and innovative way of communicating with our busy HR and business professionals without them having to leave their place of work. The webinar was delivered using MarketReach, an innovative web and audio conferencing solution provided by Premiere Global Services. MarketReach enabled the SHRI members to take part in the seminar event from their own desktops without leaving their office.

SHRI members were invited to the webinar by email invitations sent via Premiere’s pre-registration facility. As soon as members clicked on a link to register their participation, they were provided with a web-link which allowed them to access the visual portion of the conference, as well as a phone number and passcode to listen to the audio portion of the conference.

Advanced web conferencing capabilities allowed participants to view presentation materials such as slides and charts during the webinar, while listening to the speakers over the phone. At the end of the presentation, the participants were able to ask questions. The entire session was interactive and lively and facilitated by a specialist who has experience using MarketReach to conduct various events such as seminars, conferences, product launches or sales meetings.