PDPA Readiness for HR Practitioners

The PDPA (Personal Data Protection Act) is a data protection law comprises of various rules governing the collection, usage, disclosure and protection of personal data. It recognises the rights of an individual to protect their personal data from misuse, including rights to access and correction of personal data. It recognises the rights of an individual to access and make corrections to the personal data, including employees.

As HR practitioners handle and process employees and potential employees ‘personal data, it is important they understand PDPA and ensure compliance. This may can affect their work and policies. Hence, HR practitioners needs to review and re-evaluate existing HR polices and processes in order to align with the Act.

Key areas of HR functions that collect, use and disclose personal data include Recruitment & Selection, Benefits and Compensation, Training and Development, Employee Relations, Workplace Safety and Health, and there are possibilities of outsourcing some of these functions.

Organisations need to be ready and prepare to fulfil all obligations under the PDPA. Any breach of the PDPA provisions is subject to both criminal and civil action taken against them.


This 1-day workshop aims to equip participants with the knowledge on:

  •  9 key obligations of the PDPA and Do Not Call Provisions
  •  Key Exemptions of the PDPA
  •  Implication of PDPA and HR function
  •  Implication of working with third party
  •  Identify and review HR practices/ processes to ensure compliance
  •  Developing policies and processes for Access and Correction Obligations
  •  Developing policies and processes in handling feedback on PDPA
  •  Developing internal data protection policies for employees


The workshop contents include:

  • Introduction to PDPA, 9 key obligations and DNC registry
  •  PDPA exemptions under Schedule 2 of the PDPA
  •  Key obligations when working with third party service providers
  •  Roles and responsibilities of HR Managers and Personal Data Protection Officer
  •  How to conduct personal data inventory for HR department
  •  Identify gaps and non-compliance of PDPA obligations
  •  Develop policies and processes to provide access and correction to personal data  Develop policies and processes in handling feedback/queries on data protection related issues
  •  Develop of internal data protection policies for employees and conduct staff communication

Who Should Attend

HR Managers, Administrators, Executives, Data Protection Officer and those training to be in HR profession.

Other Information

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18 Jul 2017 1 Day S$380.00 Registration
25 Oct 2017 1 Day S$380.00 Registration

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