Adaptive Negotiation Skills For HR Professionals

Learning Overview

Learning to negotiate successfully is a critical skill in today’s workplace. Regardless of your position, in today’s workplace, collaborative working environment across multiple functions and stakeholders necessitate the need to negotiate for an optimised outcome. Negotiation can take place within different spheres of activities and at different levels. Negotiating is not something that people necessarily enjoy. Yet some people are “natural negotiators.” Regardless of your potential or inclination, negotiating is an ability that can be developed. 

As a HR professional, you are involved in negotiations almost every day that affect the well-being of your organization and that of your employees — compensation and benefits, union matters and demands, fees with vendors such as placement firms and system providers, legal issues surrounding terminations, conflict resolution, grievance handling and so much more. This workshop will introduce you to several negotiation techniques and strategies. 

Learning Objectives

  • Use a process to plan, prepare and perform effectively in a negotiation 
  • Discover your own preferred negotiation style and use this knowledge to optimise the outcome of any negotiation that they are involved in their roles as HR practitioners 
  • Understand the different types of negotiation, assess one’s position therefore plan and prepare effectively 
  • Use a series of strategies and tactics during a negotiation with the other party (parties) to influence a desired outcome

Learning Outline

  • Defining what is Negotiation and the common situations that HR would need to negotiate 
  • The 3 key phases of a Negotiation 
  • Discover my own Negotiation Style, and how each style compliments or challenges each other 
  • The 4 key elements to strengthen one’s position 
  • Conducting an effective negotiation session 
  • Ways to influence to a desired outcome 
  • How to conclude and move on from a negotiation 

Who Will Benefit

HR Managers and Executives who find themselves in situations where they need to negotiate internally and externally, such as with job candidates, superiors and subordinates and other stakeholders. 


1 day, 7 hours


A highly interactive course based on lecture, activities, videos and discussion.

Other Information

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Course Calendar

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31 May 18 1 Day  S$300.00 S$380.00 Registration

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