2017 Public Workshops Calendar

Our programmes are designed to inform and update on trends and issues relating to human resource management and development and general management.
Workshops incorporate different learning methodologies to enable participants to apply and integrate their learnings at work. 

Course Title Course Fee (S$) Available Fundings Duration (Day) Oct Nov Dec
A Practical Approach To Payroll Administration 600 SkillsFuture 2     TBC 
Adaptive Negotiation Skills for HR Professionals 380 SkillsFuture    10  
Adopting Fair Employment Practices at the Workplace 380 SkillsFuture    13  
Avoiding the Pitfall of Work Injury Compensation Act 380 SkillsFuture   16  
Balancing the Foreign Manpower Act with Your Labour Requirements 380 SkillsFuture+UTAP 1 TBC
Building an Effective Employer Brand (NEW) 380 N 1 TBC  
Career Management & Progression (NEW) 600 N 2 29-30
Championing Change for Business Success (NEW) 600 N 2 16-17
Coaching to Enhance Employee Engagement & Performance (NEW) 600 N 2 19-20    
Competency-Based Interview & Selection Techniques 600 SkillsFuture+UTAP 2   21-22   
Conducting Effective Performance Appraisals 380 SkillsFuture+UTAP 1   23  
Corporate Governance and Business Ethics (NEW) 380 N 1 TBC   
Counselling Skills For HR Professionals 380 SkillsFuture+UTAP 1  25    
Developing Effective Job Descriptions 380 SkillsFuture     TBC 
Effective Employee Communications and Relationship Management (NEW) 600 N 2 TBC
Emotional Intelligence at the workplace (NEW) 380 N 1 14
Employee Engagement & Retention Strategies (NEW) 380 N 1 14
Enhancing Workplace Culture through Positive Psychology (NEW) 380 N 1 14
Fostering Good Industrial Relations at the Workplace 380 SkillsFuture   TBC   
Growing Future Leaders: Coaching & Mentoring for Success 600 SkillsFuture+UTAP 2      4-5
How to Develop a Business-Driven Training Plan 600 SkillsFuture+UTAP 2   7-8   
How to Interpret & Apply the Employment Act 600 SkillsFuture 2 11-12 11-12 
HR Analytics and its Applications 600 SkillsFuture 2     6-7 
HR for Non-HR 380 SkillsFuture 1     TBC 
Introduction to Employment Act and Relevant Singapore’s Employment Laws 380 SkillsFuture 26    
Manage Self To Manage Others 380 SkillsFuture 1      7
Managing Conflict And Mediation For A Better Workplace  380 SkillsFuture 1    17  
Managing Employee Compensation & Benefits Effectively 380 SkillsFuture+UTAP 1     4
PDPA Compliance for HR (NEW) 380 N 1 24
Playing a Strategic Role in Managing Business Risks for HR Professionals 600 SkillsFuture 2 23    TBC
Strategic Human Resource Planning to Support Business Needs 380 SkillsFuture     TBC 
Talent & Succession Planning Management   600 SkillsFuture+UTAP 2    2-3  
Work-life Ambassador Training Programme
300 N    15  


Partner Programmes

Course Title Course Fee (S$) Available Fundings Duration (Day) Jul Aug Sep Oct Nov Dec
Singapore Employee Taxation – An Understanding (By ISCA) 398.04 N 1    31        
Developing and Writing Effective Standard Operating Procedures (SOPs) (By ISCA) 353.10 SkillsFuture+SDF            20
Finance for Non-finance Professionals (By ISCA) 693.36 N    2-3        

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