Playing a Strategic Role in Managing Business Risks for HR Professionals

In today’s global marketplace, businesses are facing rapidly evolving challenges.

It has become critical for companies to equip their key staff with core skills to define, evaluate and manage business risks from different perspectives. The ability to provide compelling, pragmatic solutions to these problems is equally important.

A core part of an organization’s risk assessment is understanding the risks in daily HR functions and long term HR plans. HR deals with the most valuable resource of the organisation and it is crucial that it becomes a part of the total risk management process.

Once HR becomes a part of an organization’s risk management programme, it will enable an organization to leverage on human capital to pursue the company’s strategic goals more systematically and help HR becomes a strategic business partner.

This programme is thus designed to provide an integrated set of frameworks, tools and case studies to enhance HR professionals’ skills in value-adding to the business risk analysis and management process.


This 2-day workshop is designed to provide the participants with a structured and practical approach to understanding, assessing and managing business risks from a HR perspective. They will be equipped with an integrated set of frameworks, tools and hands-on experience to better:

  •  Define and understand multi-faceted business risks,
  •  Understand the different stakeholders and their requirements,
  •  Identify and evaluate specific HR risks in daily HR functions and long term plans, as part of a comprehensive HR audit process, and
  •  Develop strategies and plans to address HR risks on a sustainable basis.

With case studies and interactive break-out sessions, the participants will be brought through the various stages of the risk management process with hands-on practice.

Through class discussions and interactions, the participants will have opportunities to learn from fellow HR professionals as well as gain insights into real-world commercial issues.


The workshop contents include:

  •  Understanding the Importance of Risk Analysis Skills
  •  Conducting an Industry and Enterprise Risk Analysis
  •  Scoping and Prioritizing Business Risks from Different Stakeholders’ Perspectives
  •  Understanding the links between Business Risks and HR Activities
  •  Developing an Auditing Process for HR Risks
  •  Developing Strategies and Plans for Managing Risks from a HR perspective
  •  Understanding the impact of Different Decision Models
  •  Implementation and Monitoring

Who Should Attend

HRM and HRD practitioners, professionals and those responsible for managing business risks in an organisation.

Other Information

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Dec TBC 2 Days S$500.00 S$600.00 Registration

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