How to Develop a Business-Driven Training Plan

Learning Overview

This “how to” workshop gives you a step by step practical approach to develop an effective training plan in today’s dynamic business environment. It shows you how to apply a highly effective procedure to determine training needs at the organisation, business and individual level. Manage your HRD resources and identify appropriate training methodology. Return to your workplace with the key skills and confidence to gain acceptance and recognition to put together a compelling training plan for recommendation to stakeholders.

Learning Objectives

After the training, learners will be able to:

  • Identify training priorities in alignment to business goals
  • Plan a needs analysis framework
  • Align TNA to organisation and business needs
  • Analyze job performance
  • Determine causes and solutions for job performance problems
  • Determine when (and when not) to train
  • Design a training programme
  • Determine the cost-benefits of training
  • Write a business driven training plan

Learning Outline


  • Understand the benefits of developing a Total Training Plan
  • Align business goals to training and development priorities
  • Introduction of the ISD Model and its application


  • Determine the analysis process
  • Key approaches to needs analysis
  • When not to do a needs analysis
  • Key questions to ask at the start of every needs analysis
  • A systematic needs analysis worksheet

Data Collection

  • Apply common data collection techniques
  • How to design effective surveys
  • How to plan and conduct an interview
  • Guidelines for measuring and observing employee performance
  • How to handle a request for training

Performance Analysis

  • A performance analysis approach
  • Major causes of performance problems
  • When to train (and when not to)
  • Non-training solutions for non-training issues

Designing Training Programmes

  • Apply the training design steps
  • Develop learning objectives
  • Considerations in designing effective training programmes

Cost-Benefit Analysis

  • How to prove that training is valuable
  • Where to find data on the benefits of your training
  • Estimating cost-benefits

Business Driven Training Plan

  • Features of a robust total training plan
  • How to maximize your training budget
  • Guidelines for writing a total training proposal/ report to management
  • How to gain acceptance for your recommendations.

Who Should Attend

For Training or Learning & Development professionals, HR managers  and HOD/Line Managers who have input into major decisions about organization learning & development.

Training Methodology

  • Group discussions
  • Individual / group exercises
  • Simulations
  • Hot coaching

Other Information

Special Feature / Enabler

Every participant will be given a softcopy of “ready to use” templates for rapid transfer to the work place. Participants can modify and adapt to their business/organization needs on a just in time approach.

Note: SkillsFuture + UTAP Fundings available

Course Calendar

Schedule Dates Duration SHRI Member Non-Member  
29-30 Nov 17 2 Days S$500.00 S$600.00 Registration

Course fees are subject to the prevailing GST charge. All information is correct at the time of publication. SHRICORP reserves the right to amend any of the above information if necessary.


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