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School of Human Capital Management – Programmes

Certificate Programmes

  • Certificate in Human Resource Management
  • Certificate in Payroll Administration

 Diploma Programmes 

  • Diploma in Business & Human Resource Management
  • Diploma in Compensation & Benefits Management
  • Diploma in Organisational Psychology

Degree Programmes (In Partnership with Edinburgh Napier University)

  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology
  • Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Financial Management

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes

  • Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management

Postgraduate Diploma Programmes with Dual Specialisations

  • Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Organisational Psychology
  • Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Reward Management

Master’s Degree Programme (In Partnership with Edinburgh Napier University)

  • Master of Science in Human Resources





Hear what our Graduates have to say:

“The lecturers of this course has good knowledge and wonderful experiences in their HR career. These are shared as examples with the students. The course has provided me with a better knowledge in Human Resource and I believe that it will definitely benefit me in a HR related role. “

Ms Eileen Teo
Certificate in Human Resource Management

“To juggle with the demand of a full-time job, a family, attend lessons and complete assignment on time is not an easy task. The professionalism of the administrative staff and an experienced lecturer who is able to make our lessons interesting has made it a positive experience.

The lecturer, a veteran in the industry, is able to help us relate the classroom learning back to our daily work. He has tapped on technology to make the lessons more interesting and self-revision easier as parts of our lessons were made available via online video and blog.”

Ms Wong Sock Cheng
Certificate in Payroll Administration

“I appreciate the learnings in the course syllabus which gave me insights to the theoretical aspects of Human Resource Management in areas of recruitment and training, which was applied in my daily work. I used tools such as designing and applying the Kirkpatrick model concept on the learning and development aspect in work. This improves and enhances my work efficiency and upgraded my work capabilities. The lecturers are also very helpful and always willing to help and advice even on work matters, allowing me to improve my knowledge and skills both on academic and work fronts.”

Mr Cron Chew Hock Beng
Gold Medalist
Diploma in Business & Human Resource Management

“SHRI Academy, is definitely the place for anyone who would like an in-depth learning in Human Resources. They have very experienced lecturers who are willingly to share their experiences, knowledge and expertise, even after you have graduated. It was not easy for a working adult to balance between study, work and family. However, the lecturers here are very understanding and will always make the learning journey more fun and relaxing.”

Ms Rachel Lee Mui Fong
Gold Medalist
Diploma in Compensation & Benefits Management

“It’s been 10 over years since I last took up a course. I guess it is not difficult to imagine how skeptical I was during my first lesson at SHRI for the Diploma in Organisational Psychology. However, all these fears were unfounded.

The lecturers were dynamic and professional in their teachings.

Besides the subject materials, the sharings of their extensive personal experiences, giving relevant examples, patience in guiding and a pinch of sense of humour, I enjoyed the lessons and was able to understand them without much difficulties. The modules were interesting and this learning has changed my perspectives towards work and personal life.”

Ms Tricia Wong Yin Leng
Gold Medalist
Diploma in Organisational Psychology

“The journey with SHRI Academy was an interesting one. The lecturers utilized knowledge & life experiences to make classes so interesting that you realize you are not going to be bored and out of topics for discussions constantly. The cohort makes a difference to the whole experience considering this is a good opportunity for networking as well with practitioners, both HR and none HR professional. I do still keep in touch with some of the lecturers and lots of the classmates today. They are awesome bunch of people who share the same beliefs – never stop learning.”

Ms Tan Boon Guek Daphie
Graduate | Successful Participant of IHRP Pilot Run
Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Organisational Psychology

“The lecturers are great, experienced HR practitioners who are very committed and passionate in their sharing and guidance. The curriculum were pretty well designed where there is a combination of theoretical, life experiences and project tasks, which created the opportunity for hands-on application. The staff administrators are very professional and prompt in assisting all students’ matter which allowed us to settle down into the class with great ease.

After obtaining my Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Reward Management qualification, I was equipped with the framework in understanding the fundamentals of Compensation & Benefits. It is of great use for my current role which looks after Rewards and Performance Management. Additionally, after undergoing the Human Resource Development and Human Resource Management modules, it allowed me to better perform my new role which looks after employee engagement and conducting training programmes for my colleagues in the organisation.

I will definitely recommend people who wish to explore a Compensation & Benefits or Human Resource Development career to take this course.”

Ms Pang Kent Kent
Mike Gorrie HRM Award
Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Reward Management

“Using the knowledge and skills which I learnt from this course, I was able to successfully transit from the HR business-partnering function to a compensation and benefits role within my organisation. The qualification greatly helped in presenting me as a credible candidate for the role, and the skills and knowledge which I learnt from the course proved invaluable in smoothening the transition process, allowing me to ease into my new role seamlessly.”

Ms Lee Xin Yan Angela
Gold Medalist
Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Reward Management

“My experience with SHRI Academy is very pleasant and their staff are quick in assisting our requests. The lecturers and tutors are very experienced and are able to bridge between the theories and practical practice. It is very helpful for us having case study to work on, so we can apply theories to real life practices. This degree programme has provided me with more in-depth knowledge, which is applicable to my everyday work as a HR personnel. Having this knowledge assist me in my daily task, such as talent selection where I have an in-depth knowledge on how to select a candidate and how a selection process goes. I would recommend this course to my friends or anyone who is interested in a HR career because it readily equips them with the necessary HR knowledge for them to perform in a HR role or assist them in their daily work.”

Ms Quek Jie Fang
SHRI Scholar
Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology

“Even before my graduation, I was offered a regional HR managerial post with strategic focus, within a global German MNC as they were confident of the course accreditation, and of course that came with a good salary jump.

Two years onward, enjoying my management acknowledgement of my deep skill sets. I was all ready to pursue the Master of Science in Human Resources, a 1-year top up course offered by SHRI Academy & Edinburgh Napier University, a prestigious university in UK.

Looking back, I am glad that I have chosen SHRI Academy as my education partner. I have enjoyed much acknowledgement and thus, increased my confidence sitting in directors’ meeting.

I sure appreciate SHRI Academy for making this possible for my career journey and hope she continues her good work in skilling up the HR community gaining accreditation.”

Ms Jacinta Ee
Master of Science in Human Resources