Student Contract

Student Contract

It is a mandatory requirement by the CPE that all students sign the Student Contract with SHRI Academy upon the acceptance of the offer made by SHRI Academy during the Admission Process.

Note: Student Contract will not be required for non-award programmes with duration less than 50 hours or 1 month with waiver from CPE. Before signing the Student Contract, the students should read through the Advisory Note to Students and ensure that the following information has been included and are correct:

  • The duration of the course, including holidays and examination schedules, and contact hours by day and week;
  • The total fees payable, including course fees and other related costs;
  • Dates when respective payments are due;
  • The fee refund policy of SHRI Academy in the event of voluntary withdrawal (by student) or enforced dismissal from the course (by SHRI Academy);
  • The Fee Protection Scheme you are subscribed to and its coverage;
  • The dispute resolution methods available;
  • Information about the PEI’s policies on academic and disciplinary matters; and
  • The degree or diploma or qualification which will be awarded to you upon successful completion of the course.

The Student Contract serves to minimise future disputes and hence has to be completely understood by students prior to enrolment. If required and available, the contract in the available native language will also be provided to students. Information on the Student Contract is communicated to students throughout our various communication channels including our website. Students should understand the terms and conditions stated within the contract and be aware of the following:

  • No Course Fee payments should be made before the contract is signed.
  • 2 original copies of the contract should be signed, with 1 copy kept by the student.



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