List of Research Reports

List of Research Reports

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SHRI/RDS July 2012 Salary Survey on Business Prospects/ Wage Increase/ Bonus/ Recruitment & NWC Guidelines for Low Wage Workers

SHRI/RDS July 2012 Salary Survey Business Prospects/ Wage Increase/ Bonus/ Recruitment & NWC Guidelines for Low Wage Workers Introduction Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) in collaboration with RDS surveyed 167 companies in June 2012 to find out about their business

Significance of Technology in New-Age Recruitment: A Candidate Experience

In 2010, StepStone Solutions in Singapore commissioned SHRI – the only not-for-profit professional HR body in Singapore to survey 50 companies in Singapore/Malaysia to understand their career website and application process – using 3 mystery candidates to apply for a

Wage increase, Bonus and Recruitment Plans

Wage increase, Bonus and Recruitment Plans Executive Summary SHRI in conjunction with RDS surveyed 128 companies in June 2011 to find out about their wage increase, bonus, and recruitment plans. Summary of Key Findings Due to expectation of a moderated

Business Prospects/ Wage Increase/ Bonus, Recruitment & Fair Employment Practices

SHRI/ RDS 2011/ 2012 Fax Survey RDS surveyed 151 companies in Oct 2011 to find out about their business prospects, wage increase, bonus, recruitment plans and also their views on Fair Employment Practices. Summary on Key Findings The second half

SHRI Survey 2011: Women in Leadership!

Women in Leadership Survey Findings 2011. Executive Summary There is a strong consensus that women professionals in Singapore can successfully lead an organization. With more women taking ownership of their career, they feel they have been able to balance career

Significance of Employee Turnover and Strategies to Improve Talent Retention

Executive Summary The prospect of getting higher pay elsewhere is one of the most common contributors to turnover. This can be observed at all levels of the economic ladder, from executives and generously paid professionals in high-stress positions to entry-level

SHRI/RDS Salary Survey 2010: Economic Recovery & Productivity Actions

SHRI, in conjunction with RDS, surveyed 164 companies in May 2010 to find out about their wage increase; bonus and recruitment plans in the light of the expected economic recovery as well as the actions organisations have taken or planned

Leading Employment Practices for Managing Mature and Older Employees

Executive Summary This six-month long study, conducted by Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) from August 2009 to January 2010, was commissioned by Tripartite Alliance for Fair Employment Practices (TAFEP) as part of its continuing efforts to encourage and assist companies

Financial Advice As An Employee Benefit

Capturing Perceptions of Employers, Employees and Individuals! Did You Know? Financial concerns lower employee productivity? Financial stress depletes health and well-being of employees? Employers can gain competitive advantages by providing financial advice as employee benefit? The global economic churning has

SHRI – RDS Survey on Financial Crisis, Pay and HR Actions 2009

SHRI in conjunction with RDS surveyed 208 companies in January 2009 to find out about their wage increase, bonus and recruitment plans as well as their cost-management measures in the face of the current global financial crisis. Summary of Key

SOS (Succeed or Sink) – Depths and Heights of Business Sustainability

“Every single pressing social and global issue of our time is a business opportunity.” Peter Drucker Globalisation and rapid technological advancements are changing the environment at a speed of thought. Organisations around the world are passing through the phases of turmoil

SHRI-RDS Survey on 2009/2010 Recovery Actions

SHRI-RDS survey on Financial Crisis, Pay and Actions conducted in January 2009 reported some rather negative findings. Since then, business dipped further but, fortunately, signs of recovery are beginning to appear. A few companies are experiencing some recovery and even the

SHRI Survey on the HR Profession 2009/2010

For HR Professionals/Business Leaders The HR profession has been on a long and challenging journey. Globalisation and sweeping policy changes are factors that have re-defined and re-aligned HR and its role in the organisation chart. Today, HR is viewed as

SHRI-RDS Survey on 2008 Wage Increase, Bonus and HR Actions

SHRI in conjunction with RDS surveyed 193 companies in January 2008 to find out about their wage increase, bonus and recruitment plans as well as their special measures to attract and retain staff. The much awaited report has recently been

Asia Pacific Education Market: PECC-APRU Study

The project will examine developments in the education sector and the opportunities and challenges they present for regional economic integration and community building in the Asia Pacific.  For this purpose, the project will report on trends in the various modes

Collaborative project with SDHF on ‘Provision of Dental Healthcare Benefits to Employees in Singapore’

Survey on the Provision of Dental Healthcare Benefits to Employees in Singapore This is a two phase project initiated by the Research Centre in collaboration with the Singapore Dental Health Foundation (SDHF) [the organisation of volunteers working to increase dental awareness

Singapore’s Changing Employment Landscape: Employee Turnover and Learning and Development Concerns

With the ever increasing impact of the global economic forces, the Singapore employment landscape is becoming increasingly dynamic. Such dynamism are subject to many predicaments. Driven by technological advancements and fierce competition, Singapore’s economy continues to restructure. On one hand,

Harnessing the Potential of Gen Y Workforce in Singapore

The Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI) has conducted a study in an effort to gather information on the Gen Y workforce in Singapore.  The Generation Y is a potential pool of talent that Singapore can bank on in today’s tight

SHRI-RDS Fax Survey on 2008/09 Pay & HR Actions

SHRI, in conjunction with RDS, surveyed 218 companies in August 2008 to find out their wage increase, bonus and recruitment plans as well as their employee-relief and cost-management measures in the face of rising inflation and business uncertainties. Summary of

SHRI Leadership Study: Managing Diversity and Bridging Communication Gaps

In one of the recent global studies co-conducted by SHRI, it highlighted that ‘Leadership’ is becoming even scarcer resources than ever before. Such scarcity may trigger complexities in business and is a cause for concern for employees and employers alike.

National Manpower Strategic Priorities – Issues and Challenges for HR Practitioners/Business

Singapore is a country that relies heavily on its human capital. Concerted effort must be made to address the key manpower challenges facing the nation as a whole.  Based on the background study and discussions at various levels, the following

Organisational Resilience

The Organisational Resilience Project is a self initiated project by the Research centre with the objective to understand the best practices for building organizational resilience (positive organisational psychology) in both profit and non-profit organisations. The project was initiated as a

WFPMA/BCG Future of HR Survey

World Federation of Personnel Management Associations (WFPMA)/SHRI and Boston Consultancy Group (BCG) survey on the Future of Human Resources-Key Challenges Through 2015 Executives Worldwide See Talent Gaps as Top People Challenge in Every Region and Industry Global Survey of 4,741

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