SOS (Succeed or Sink) – Depths and Heights of Business Sustainability

“Every single pressing social and global issue of our time is a business opportunity.” Peter Drucker

Globalisation and rapid technological advancements are changing the environment at a speed of thought. Organisations around the world are passing through the phases of turmoil and uncertainty. Economies are rapidly sliding into recession, spreading a gloomy outlook and challenging the very concept of business sustainability.

How long should a business survive to be termed as ‘sustainable’? What should organisations do to remain ‘sustainable’? What is the most refined definition of ‘business sustainability’? What are some of the strategies Singapore-based organisations are implementing to surge ahead and sustain?

Though recession and uncertain economic environments have always challenged business sustainability yet it is during these times that innovation spurs and great organisations emerge. They surge ahead sniffing opportunities, making the most of the situation.

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