SHRI Survey on the HR Profession – 2009/2010

The HR profession has been on a long and challenging journey. Globalisation and sweeping policy changes are factors that have re-defined and re-aligned HR and its role in the organisation chart.

Today, HR is viewed as a key player in driving corporate success and customer satisfaction, and no longer just a support function. It is becoming an increasingly vital function in many organisations and businesses, playing the critical role in the sourcing, allocation and application of personnel, expertise and human resources for efficient and productive endeavours. The most outwardly recognisable sign of this change is evident by its expansion, delving deeper into strategic areas and cementing strong ties with the line management.

With such rapid changes going on in the workplace, it is a pre-requisite for HR professionals to develop competencies and enhance knowledge to raise the bar to the next level. The HR profession needs to establish itself as a credible brand – through accreditation so as to raise its recognition, standing and reputation.

To do precisely that, SHRI has taken the initiative to establish HR as a brand through accrediting HR practitioners in Singapore so as to raise the profession to meet avowed standards and practice. The HR profession survey is an extension of such efforts to revisit the competencies needed by the HR professionals to establish the HR brand.

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