Past Graduates’ Testimonials

The lecturers were experienced and learned individuals, and it was enriching to tap onto their work experiences. They delivered a good balance of theory and practical advice, which we would not be able to obtain from textbooks. Their advice helps us to marry the transition from theory to practical and allows me to understand the rationale for certain practices and how they can be best applied in the context of my organisation.

Qualifications do matter in Singapore; hence, a Postgraduate Diploma from SHRI Academy allows me to secure a well-rounded foundation and understanding of HR and completed the ‘package’ of qualifications with experience.

Shauna Soh

Gold Medallist, Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management

I would encourage everyone, particularly foreigners like me, to take up the Basic Certificate in Human Resource Management programme. The programme was beneficial to me not only from a HR perspective but to be more aware and adapt to Singapore laws and attuned to the policies and practices of the Ministry of Manpower.

SHRI Academy provided fundamental modules that are compliant and effective – such as employee resourcing and contracts of employment – which gives me insights into the process of hiring and administering exits of employees.

My lecturer’s pedagogy boosted my interest in HR as the innovative practices made the classroom environment more responsive, challenging and invigorating. As my job responsibility broadens, I will be able to apply all the information and skills I obtained from this programme, which is suitable and acquiescent in HR recruitment and selection, employee benefits and HR principles.

Professional HR certification is very important to me as it validates my knowledge, expertise and experience in my field to be able to uplift the learning curve to the constant changes in human resource standards and practices in the industry. SHRI Academy promotes and equips students with the knowledge, attributes, valuable skills and greater self-confidence needed to succeed in the human resource arena.

Diana De Castro

Certificate of Commendation, Basic Certificate in Human Resource Management

There was a good lecturer-and-student interaction during my course of study in the Certificate in Payroll Administration programme. Real-life case studies, common practices and challenges shared by the lecturer and students were relevant to my daily work. The course also covered practical components like CPF and income tax calculations which are equally important in my course of work.

Being equipped with better understanding of the statutory obligations on payroll matters, I am able to ensure that my company abides by the legislations. I am also more confident in my work and this translates into more efficiency and accuracy.

Professional certification from a reputable and well respected organisation like SHRI further enhances the value perception and assures employers, what was taught in the programme is relevant and useful to the needs of their organisation.

Too Chiew Yen
Certificate of Commendation, Certificate in Payroll Administration

The content itself is very helpful and the way our lecturer explained each lesson gave us a clearer understanding. In addition, the examples he provided were similar to real-life situations which we often face at work. In fact, he sometimes used our situation at work as an example to explain the various ways in which we could manage it. For example, one issue was related to overtime and he used his years of experience together with our real-life work situation to explain the concept graphically, which helped us quickly understand.

After attending the Certificate in Payroll Administration (CPA) programme offered by SHRI Academy, I realised that no other institutions can provide such clear understanding of HR. The CPA programme is really a good programme. After graduating from this programme it boosted my knowledge at the workplace and increased my efficiency and effectiveness.

Chan Sze Hwee
Certificate of Commendation, Certificate in Payroll Administration

With the advice and encouragement of friends who were in the HR industry, I enrolled for SHRI Academy’s part-time Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management (PGDipHCM) programme to gain knowledge and insight into HR.

I felt that the programme has benefited me by providing a good overview of the various functions of HR duties and certainly instilled confidence in me. I find myself understanding and appreciating the role of HR better – for example, how HR is run in my company, why certain things are done, and perhaps what could be done better.

While the lessons (at SHRI Academy) were intensive, the content and delivery methods covered by the lecturers were good balances of theory and practical. The teachers were also professional and helpful. They provided a wealth of knowledge and shared their experiences. More importantly, they provided a supportive environment for students where the emphasis was, should you have to make mistakes, do so within the class setting rather than at your workplace.

I do feel it is important to me for professional HR certification, especially from a well-known institution like SHRI which has been established since 1965, to equip graduates with the necessary HR skills and knowledge to excel and become better at their profession.

Lorraine Choo

Silver Award & Mike Gorrie HRM Award Medallist, Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management

The Certificate in Human Resource Management programme equipped me with good knowledge on the role of HR personnel. The lecturers taught me the difference between HR management and development. And they dived deep into each category, teaching us the importance of each category and sharing their personal experience in the corporate world. All the lecturers had great knowledge of the respective module(s) they teach and I really appreciated the sharing of case studies. The case studies gave us insights into the corporate world and prepared us for different/difficult situations in future.

Professional HR certification is important to me because I’m a HR practitioner holding a Bachelor in Materials Engineering degree. Achieving Gold Award for the Certificate in Human Resource Management gives me confidence to do well in my career and to be recognised as a certified HR professional.

Most importantly, SHRI Academy provided a good environment and resources for studies. I chose SHRI Academy as it is an established Institute with many success stories from its graduates. SHRI Academy inspired me to continue to pursue my career in HR, as it enhances the standards of HR practitioners and HR practices in Singapore.

Chua Hong Leng

Gold Award Medallist, Certificate in Human Resource Management

I was trained as an engineer. My first encounter with HR was when I was working at my company’s head office in my previous capacity. At that time, my CEO was keen to re-strategise the organisation and I had the opportunity to lead an organisational development project in the area of succession planning and executive training. We roped in two senior executives (one from a German MNC and the other from a Kyoto-based MNC) as our external consultants.

The opportunity to interact with these senior executives (including my CEO) made me realise the importance of grooming good people to build a strong company. I decided that I needed expert knowledge in human capital. So after settling down in my new assignment, I signed up for this Postgraduate Diploma programme at SHRI Academy.

Although my specialty was in organisational development, all the major aspects of HR were systematically covered. What impressed me most was that SHRI Academy has a team of lecturers with comprehensive HR experiences.

I benefited invaluably when they shared actual cases they had managed in their previous work experiences. Equally important, the lecturers knew how to encourage us to find opportunities to initiate HR practices in our respective capacities. This process of unlocking ourselves is instrumental to triggering breakthroughs.

My experience with SHRI Academy reminded me that HR is a specialised field. Many executives believe they truly understand it but in reality, may not be fully equipped to practice. This can be dangerous as HR directly impacts lives and careers.

Chew Hwee Yong
Graduate, Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Organisational Development and Change

(Since graduating) I am now able to do benchmarking, recommend staff for job improvement, undertake performance management and salary increment for certain groups of staff. My job scope has been broadened to include job analysis.

Discussions and working on projects with my classmates also broadened my HR knowledge and improved my networking skills. The module on Compensation (Salary) Management introduced me to benchmarking and various grades, which helped me to benchmark my employer’s salary grid to the market.

During discussions, we shared company practices (local and global) that I would not have learnt at work. I made many friends and learnt about different working cultures from lecturers and peers. Performance management, benchmarking, global HRM and job analysis are the key takeaways for me. Our coursework entailed equal participation and we were able to apply benchmarking, job analysis and compensations in various case studies.

Chua Ping Chim
Graduate, Diploma in Compensation and Benefits Management

(Key takeaways include) the insights into what makes people think the way they do and using this knowledge to solve related issues at work. There was great support from the administrative team at the Academy and the lecturers were top-notch. I learnt so much from some of the lecturers that sometimes I found the module too short.

I am in the public service and the management style tends to be very bureaucratic. However, the coursework helped me use the knowledge I have gained to meet other challenges. I was impressed with the lecturer’s knowledge in the Emotional Intelligence module and his selflessness in sharing what he discovered and patented.

Josiah Lee Kah Ping
Graduate, Diploma in Organisational Psychology

(Key takeaways include) a good understanding of the Employment Act and how to apply it to the workplace. As the CPA (Certificate in Payroll Administration) programme covered interpretation of the Employment Act, with added practical knowledge of different scenarios and inputs/questions from fellow course mates, I felt that this course was useful even for HR managers. In addition, questions and sharing of experiences were welcomed during class, which ensured we truly reap the benefits of the course.

My CPA lecturer was clear and patient in his explanations. He packed in a lot of information and teaching materials, in addition to ad-hoc tests, to solidify learning. He also took extra time before and after class to bring us up to speed, when we missed classes, and to also answer all our questions.

Juanna Chew Boone Ching
Graduate, Certificate in Payroll Administration

Besides learning theory in the classes, the lecturers are very knowledgeable and helpful. They shared valuable advice and tips which were practical and can be applied to my work. Learning is a continuous journey and we should never stop learning.

I learnt a great deal through the coursework. Besides reading the materials given by our lecturer, I gained a level of mastery through research, sharing of experiences and discussions with my course mates. All the lecturers are very helpful – they spent extra hours after classes, helping students with their coursework. Studying part time is not easy but I believe SHRI Academy will be a good investment.

Lam Lee Lee
Graduate, Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Reward Management

SHRI provides an extensive range of modules for courses in business and HR management and I have been able to apply the knowledge in my current role which covers legal, employee relations, budgeting and business management.

I am keen to further develop my HR capabilities and career in my company. Given the skills and knowledge that I acquired from SHRI Academy, I believe that I will be able to add value to the success of my organisation.

My coursework has helped me to explore organisational development theories and interventions which are designed to improve effectiveness and performance at work. These include areas related to payroll, running new hire orientations, interviews and improving recruitment processes.

The lecturers were very helpful in sharing their work life experiences with us and I was able to confide the issues that I faced at my workplace. The programme equipped me with the fundamental knowledge and skills to build my organisational capabilities through various Organisational Development Interventions. They were flexible and understood our needs.

Do not hesitate to enrol as the courses offered in SHRI are able to improve your understanding of the basic Organisational Development (OD) concepts, principles and tools. Acquire the necessary OD skills to develop, monitor and evaluate your organisation’s effectiveness and performance.

Adeline Ang Hui Xin
Gold Medallist, Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management

 All the tutors are very approachable, even upon completion of the modules. They were very helpful and eager to share their knowledge, experiences and networks.

The programmes at SHRI Academy provided a good mix of theory and coursework. Attend with an open mind and participate in class discussions; only then will you benefit.

Lin Nuqin
Graduate, Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Organisational Development and Change

Definitely, the rigour of working on the coursework and assignments have been beneficial in helping me gain more knowledge and understanding on how HR interacts with the companies as a whole and how different practices are done in the various industries.

Fiona Ng
Graduate, Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management

The Certificate in Payroll Administration course at SHRI will surely equip the students with adequate knowledge and give them a head-start in finding a career in HR and payroll administration.

Chin Swee
Graduate, Certificate in Payroll Administration

Dear SHRI,

Thank you very much for having the idea of posting the pictures on SHRI website and SHRI Facebook, as it would be a new start for the foreign students to show their appreciation and gratitude towards SHRI Academy. I personally feel very proud to be a part of SHRI students core. I also thank you for the kind attitude you have shown towards all the students, which will also surely reflect on SHRI’s staff competency, leadership and reputation.”

Thank you and Happy Holidays!
Mr. Mohamed Shuhail (Maldives),
Diploma in Business & Human Resource Management graduate

“I graduated from SHRI Academy with professional knowledge which helped in my HR career. The knowledge that we learnt enhances our effectiveness and efficiency as HR Practitioners as we were able to apply what we learnt at the workplace. I would recommend it to anyone who is interested in a HR career. We need to constantly upgrade ourselves & move ahead with times; learning is a never ending journey for all of us.”

Ms. Guo Yanhui (Singapore),
Diploma in Business & Human Resource Management graduate

“The Postgraduate Diploma with SHRIAcademy provides me with a wider perspective about HR and Talent Management. Through the interactive lecture based learning, group discussion and project works, I have gained an extensive networks of friends from all walks of life. We realised that networking is especially important in the HR industry for human capital building. I would like to specially thank my lecturers, Mr Daniel Chew and Mr Bernard Tay, for their true passion in teaching and sharing of their experiences. You have taught us to be a better HR personnel and I hope to put it into practive someday.”

– Dawn Tan, PGDipTM, Mike Gorrie HRM Award

“I am writing to thank you for giving me this opportunity to upgrade myself and to especially thank Mr Er Peh Nak, the course co-ordinator. I am from the 79th Intake of Certificate In Human Resource Management. I had not studied for many years since I left ITE in 1988. My mood was down when I failed my examination for the first module. I will always remember Mr Er for his advice to grab this opportunity to continue this course. He is also friendly and helpful. With Mr Er’s encouragement, I put my best effort to re-sit my examination. Without which, I would have dropped out of this course. I am taking this opportunity to give my compliments to Mr Er. I hope to continue with my Diploma in Business and HRM at SHRI Academy.”

– Luah Hwee Keng

“I have signed up for the Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management programme in 2013, partly because of my previous positive learning experience attending the Diploma in Organisational Psychology programme with SHRI Academy 2010. The Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management programme equipped me with the much-needed practical skills and knowledge for me to effectively carry out my role as a HR manager. The programme which focused a lot on experiential learning and classroom discussions allowed us to share our experiences in the HR field and learned best practices from fellow coursemates. The lecturers who are very experienced HR practitioners were effective in using real-life industrial examples and case studies to help us better understand complex HR theories and policies. I will strongly recommend my friends to sign up the programme and embark on this enriching and exciting learning experience.”

– Philip Yeo

Attention: Lynn Koo, Senior Manager
SHRI Academy | Singapore Human Resources Institute (SHRI)
Commendation: Bernard Tay

I had enrolled in the HR Plus Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Talent Management programme currently pursuing my 2nd last semester of the programme. I had just completed the 36 hours training session for Human Resource Development (HRD) Module delivered by lecturer, Bernard Tay and felt well placed and confident on his strong professional teaching contributions.

As the session is on HRD, he had successfully internalised the true essence of HRD by going slow, steadily and progressive to equip the students with the relevant Skills & Knowledge. Bernard is a good lecturer as per logical flow of his classes, detailed preparation of his teaching materials, and his good use of examples. He is highly versatile in his teaching and noteworthy in his provision of assistance and guidance to the learners outside his professional and personal time to ensure learners are well prepared for the assignment, including sharing his teaching resources and approach with the learners.

Bernard is dedicated, not prepared to cut corners, and committed to high quality research driven teaching with both academic and professional practice impact. He is one exemplary teaching profession who is hard to come by. I have absolutely no reservation in recommending Bernard to any academic institutions or SHRI Academy’ Postgraduate Diploma programmes to corporations who will like their HR capabilities to
move up the value chain, achieving long term sustainability.

Last but not least, I am sanguine that my HR colleagues and friends shall gain insightful, meaningful experiences under his tutelage and guidance in future courses at SHRI Academy. He had indeed made my learning journey at SHRI Academy a meaningful one.

Warmest Regards
K S Ng
Learner of PGDipTM programme

“I am writing to thank you for giving me this opportunity to upgrade myself and to especially thank Mr Er Peh Nak, the course co-ordinator. I am from the 79th Intake of Certificate In Human Resource Management. I had not studied for many years since I left ITE in 1988. My mood was down when I failed my examination for the first module. I will always remember Mr Er for his advice to grab this opportunity to continue this course. He is also friendly and helpful. With Mr Er’s encouragement, I put my best effort to re-sit my examination. Without which, I would have dropped out of this course. I am taking this opportunity to give my compliments to Mr Er. I hope to continue with my Diploma in Business and HRM at SHRI Academy.”


A thank you letter from SHRI Academy student to Mr Jack Tan, lecturer for Diploma in Banking & Finance.

I am a student from the just graduated class of Diploma in Banking & Finance – (18th Intake). I am very thankful to my Bank Marketing’s lecturer, MR. JACK TAN  for his great efforts and knowledge contributed to my achievement for the diploma. I also wish to extend my special thanks to Mr. Jack Tan for his very positive and inspiring slogans that he shared with us in EVERY lectures.

It really inspires me to act and think positively during the course of my studies and also in my personal life. Mr. Tan is always so encouraging, motivating and positive in his thinking and teachings. He conducts his lectures in a very interesting and fun way by sharing his jokes from real life experiences relating to the topics to assist the students to have a better understanding of the subject. He puts in lots of efforts and time in developing the materials and make the lesson fun for easy learning.

He also makes learning easier to understand and interesting by summarizing the detailed lecturer notes into points forms in differently well designed slides.Without his skills of teaching ,relevant knowledge and patient , I may not be able to have a good understanding of the subject. Throughout the last module of my course, I have learned and gained a lot of knowledge from Mr. Tan.

As such, I am always looking forward to his interesting and exciting lectures every week ! (Gosh ! Already started missing his lectures ! )


Ms. Jocelyn Chua
Graduate from 18th Intake,
Diploma in Banking & Finance

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