Members Event 2015

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Members Event 2015

January 2015
Dates Topics
16-Jan-15 The Importance of Background Screening in the Hiring Process
20-Jan-15 HR-in-Action: Make 2015 Your Best Year Ever!


February 2015
Dates Topics
06-Feb-15 Title: Improve Profitability and Productivity using Food Menu Optimization Analytics.
We invite you to another sharing for the F & B sectors on:Date: 6 February 2015 (Friday)
Time: 3.00 pm to 5.00 pm
Venue: SHRI@ The Verge, Tr Room 1
Admission: Free
We are very pleased to have Mr Steven Low MSHRI, a Practising Management Consultant and Certified Productivity Consultant in Retail and Food Services jointly accredited by SPRING Singapore and Japan Productivity Centre, to share with us on “Improve Profitability and Productivity using Food Menu Optimization Analytics.” A former CFO, Steven holds a BCom (Accounting) degree and a Master degree in IT, has worked with several MNCs and SMEs in the Manufacturing, Distribution and Service Industries.   He has more than 30 years of practical experiences in Finance, IT and General Management. Steven has received three Outstanding Performance Merit Awards from a reputable MNC.  He has also turned around two MNCs in the Manufacturing and Distribution sector, to reduce cost and improve cash flow respectively.  With his vast experiences, he has developed 30 Business Analytics Applications to improve efficiency, profitability and productivity for various industries including F&B and Retail.
To confirm your attendance, please email: or
12-Feb-15 SHRI Consultants/Trainers Networking
Dear Members, we are pleased to invite you to join us for a SHRI Consultants and Trainers/Lecturers Networking on:Date: 12 February 2015 (Thursday)
Time: 3 pm to 5 pm
Venue: SHRI@ The Verge, 2 Serangoon Road, Level 6, S218227 (Tr Room 1)
Admission: Free
Mr Paul Wee, PBM, CEO of CLASS Limited and IFRRO’s Regional Development Representative for Asia-Pacific, will share with us on: CA-CLASS Copyright Licensing for Private Education Institutions and Corporations in Singapore.It would be great if you could send us any questions in advance so that Mr Wee can better answer them.To register your attendance, please email: We look forward to your registration.
27-Feb-15 Retail Networking – 3 pm to 5 pm For registration, please email:


March 2015
Dates Topics
05-Mar-15 SHRI Alumni Networking Session: How to get promoted For registration, please email: or
13-Mar-15 Networking for F&B Sector on “Improve Profitability and Productivity using Food Menu Optimization Analytics.”Time: 3 pm to 5 pm. For registration, please email:
27-Mar-15 Networking for Construction Sector


April 2015
Dates Topics
14-Apr-15 HR-in-Action – How to Prevent MIS-Hires with an apprentice Programme, Time: 1pm till 4pm.


May 2015
Dates Topics
11-May-15 SHRI Invites You To “The Networking Series”, Construction Industry
12-May-15 Amendments to Industrial Relations Act
20-May-15 HR-in-Action: Acquiring the Right Talent


July 2015
Dates Topics
24-Jul-15 Singapore National Workplace Culture Study Insights 2015


August 2015
Dates Topics
05-Aug-15 HR functional focused session for multi-industry
13-Aug-15 National Workplace Happiness Survey 2015 Info Session


September 2015
Dates Topics
1-Sept-15 SHRI SME HR SEMINAR SERIES: Creating The Fit: Maximizing the Employee Experience
9-Sept-15 Breakfast Talk with Norm Smallwood – HR Transformation: What It Really Means and How Can You Create Real Impact?
16-Sept-15 National Workplace Happiness Survey 2015 Info Session
18-Sept-15 Work Right (collaboration with MOM)
29-Sept-15 Creating Effective Learning & Development to Maximise Employee Potential


October 2015
Dates Topics
06-Oct-15 [Complimentary for SHRI Members] MediShield Life Talk with HR Professionals.
22-Oct-15 Harnessing Emotional Capital In Business Risk Management


November 2015
Dates Topics
11-Nov-15 Conscious Culture: Building A High Performance Culture at Work
 18-Nov-15 [Back by popular demand] Free talk on MediShield Life for HR Professionals.


December 2015
Dates Topics
02-Dec-15 [Free talk for SHRI Members] Empathetic Listening for HR Practitioners
09-Dec-15 SHRI SME HR SEMINAR SERIES: Calibrating the Recruitment and Retention Strategies amidst the Competitive Business Environment