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#infoHR Series: Learning & Development / Friday, 6 April

We invited 4 industry experts to share with us latest learning and development practices and HR Tech platforms organisations can tap on for their pool of talent.

#infoHR Series: Recruitment & Selection / Friday, 9 March 

In this #infoHR session, our speakers introduced best recruitment practices and ways in which technology can help to attract the best talent. 

#infoHR Series: WorkLife Grant & HR Shared Services / Tuesday, 13 February

Our very first #infoHR session covered the various government grants and schemes available in the market as well as sharing by experts on how HR Tech can ease the workload of organisations.

What you've missed - Past Events

#infoHR Series: Performance & Talent Management / Friday, 11 May

In the fourth edition of #infoHR, our speakers shared on the support for capability upgrading and emerging performance & talent management practices in the market.

#infoHR Series: Employee Relations & Engagement / Friday, 8 June

For our fifth #infoHR session, 6 industry experts covered on the importance of employee engagement and shared real case studies on how HR tech can help boost engagement. 

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