Building up Capacity; Enhancing Skills

Building Capacity; Enhancing Skills

At SHRI, we build capacity and enhance skills. The event further uplifts HR to a higher ground and serves as a platform to nurture future HR leaders and people managers.


Overall Objectives

  • Demonstrate the critical role of effective HR leaders and people managers at the workplace
  • Provide a platform for students and professionals to come together to learn, share and nurture good HR and business practices and ideas that add value and enhance students’ capabilities
  • Encourage and showcase students’ potential to analyse and propose effective out-of-the-box people management ideas and initiatives in meeting the current workplace needs
  • Provide students with the chance to apply what they have learnt in the classroom to real-life issues at the workplace
  • Most importantly, an annual HR competition for aspiring HR and business leaders to look forward to!

Students Benefits

  • Sharpen skills and knowledge through intensive research and analysis work leading up to a final presentation opportunity to the HR community and business leaders
  • Assess their competency and knowledge level against peers at national level
  • Get the chance to apply what they have learnt in the classroom to real-life issues at the workplace
  • Be better prepared for the workplace after graduation through understanding of current workforce and workplace dynamics
  • Raise their profile for greater employment opportunities through coverage in humanCapital magazine, website and appropriate media
  • Value-add to credentials as a participant, finalist and winner
  • Learn from the best  Top teams will get the opportunity to participate in a sharing session with leading HR and business professionals
  • Win monetary rewards, internship opportunities and gain access to links and connections with industry leaders and players through SHRI via membership activities, learning and networking opportunities at SHRI events and more!

Publicity Mileage and Networking Opportunities for Schools/Educational Institutions

  • Gain greater publicity and awareness of your educational institution/school via humanCapital magazine, website and appropriate media
  • Profile your school/educational institution as one that advocates and develops innovative and critical thought-leaders
  • Support the nation’s initiative in transforming Singapore into a quality education hub with work-based application
  • Be exemplary in advocating value system through HR and people management practices for the business
  • Grab the opportunity to assess standards against other schools/educational institutions for benchmarking and improvement purposes
  • Build connections with other schools/educational institutions for possible collaborations in the local and overseas education and training industries
  • Raise the profile of your educational institution/school to attract and retain talents.