Graduates’ Testimonials

Graduates’ Testimonials

I completed the Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management course at SHRI more than 10 years ago and was delighted to know that I was eligible to take up Masters of Science in Human Resources offered by Edinburgh Napier University. This Masters programme has enriched me with the in-depth study of an HR area that I was interested in. The course lecturers are very knowledgeable and are also friendly in their teaching approach.  My dissertation supervisor,  Dr Allan Ramhony, is very supportive and provided me with good guidance towards my dissertation.  He would offer his time for more discussion sessions over Skype as he understands that as part-time students, we would need to juggle our commitments between study, work and family.

Rachel Ng
Gold Medalist, Master of Science in Human Resources (Top-Up)

The one-year BAHRM-OP programme offered by Edinburgh Napier University was intensive, yet provided great opportunity for learning and discovery, particularly with subjects such as Work Psychology and Individual Differences. The faculty lecturers provided a good blend of theoretical concepts and case studies to enhance the application understanding. The sharing of cases shed light on how these theories can and has been applied in the real commercial world.

In addition, a great deal of reading coupled with the research needed to fulfill assignment requirements, helped expand my knowledge in these subjects. This was also supported by the numerous reading materials provided by the university. Indeed, it has been a beneficial learning journey!

Apart from the rigour of the programme, I must also congratulate SHRI and the team of dedicated staff (in particular, Alvin Gean) who have been marvelous in executing the practical arrangements of the programme, at the same time ensuring that students’ needs are met. Without their enduring support, the smooth running of the programme would not be possible. Kudos to them!

Simon Ong
Gold Medalist, Bachelor of Arts in Human Resource Management with Organisational Psychology

I joined the recruitment industry without any HR training, after a stint as an Army regular. Whilst the experiences gleaned over the course of my career offered many lessons, I found myself lacking the formal training required to progress. SHRI’s Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management not only provided the theoretical knowledge I was looking for, but the Academy also ensured that the lecturers were engaging and encouraged active discussion, which allowed me to crystallise my experiences through the lessons taught.

The bonds formed over the course of the diploma programme, with both lecturers and fellow students, will always be cherished throughout my learning journey.

Lee Choon How, Jack
Bronze Medalist, Mike Gorrie HRM Award Medallist
Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management

I had initially signed up for the Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management (DBHRM) programme intending to gain knowledge in HR. At the time, I had already been handling some regional training in my company, but it neither a direct role within HR nor was I HR trained.

The DBHRM programme is structured holistically to focus not only on HR but also in critical areas such as Finance, Legal and Productivity, etc. The various modules help to equip HR personnel with the knowledge necessary to align with business objectives and strategies.

The programme comprised a good mix of theory and application. It provided me with practical opportunities to apply the acquired knowledge and skills through individual and group projects, which also improved communication and bonding among course mates.

Through the DBHRM, I gained up-to-date knowledge and a well-rounded foundation in HR in time for my current opportunity to integrate into the HR department for the Learning and Talent Development function.

I would definitely recommend SHRI Academy to current and aspiring HR practitioners.

Sim Mui Cheng (Tiffany)
Gold Medalist, Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management

SHRI provided me with an excellent learning environment. The lecturers were very helpful and approachable during the course of my study in the Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management. The case studies and examples used were relevant to my work and greatly assisted with my learning. The course helped to improve my knowledge and fuelled my interest in pursuing HR.

It has been an incredible learning journey for me at SHRI, one that I do not regret.

Wong Chuqian, Vernesa
Silver Medalist, Diploma in Business and Human Resource Management

The 6 month course in Certificate in Human Resource Management conducted by SHRI Academy had greatly exceeded by expectations.  The course had enriched and well equipped myself with the required knowledge and tools to excel in human resource functions and allowed me to carry out my work more efficiently and professionally.

The lecturers had in-depth knowledge and experience.  Lecturers were humble, willing to teach and share.  They were able to quote and bring real working life case studies during the lectures to ease our learning progress and enabled us to learn much more about the approach through their real life experience.

I had benefited from this intensive learning programme and trusted it will help me in my career for further development.

Catherine Leong Sook Cheng
Gold Award, Certificate in Human Resource Management

“SHRI is definitely the place for anyone with an interest in HR.”

Hong Yuting
Gold Award, Certificate in Human Resource Management 

I was serving my NS with the Special Operations Command in the Planning and Organisational Development office. I was impressed with my supervisor who had demonstrated many key attributes of leadership which brought out the best of each team member. This sparked my interest in leadership and motivation. After some research on various programmes and academic institutions, I decided to pursue SHRI Academy’s Diploma in Organisational Psychology.

The SHRI Academy lecturers are experts in their fields and they are able to provide the most relevant, up-to-date knowledge and industrial best practices to the class. The programme was delivered through a variety of styles, including role plays, discussions, case-studies and the use of videos. These helped students to conceptualise the various theories. In addition, the curricula were well-designed and structured, taking into consideration the constant changes taking place in the real world. My course had a very strong emphasis on individual development, contained in the ‘Emotional Intelligence’ and ‘Counselling’ modules.

My Diploma in Organisational Psychology course is suitable for individuals interested in personal and self-development, as well as those who are interested in motivating and engaging individuals at the workplace. There’s a unique leadership flavour in this course which develops students into potential leaders and people managers.

Toh Chin Seng – Bronze Award
Diploma in Organisational Psychology


After being in the insurance industry for a few years, I decided to embark on a career
in the HR industry. Specifically, I chose the Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Reward Management programme because of my interest in the compensation and benefits aspect
of the profession.

I would strongly recommend the course to current and aspiring HR practitioners. It not only delivers strong content, it also trains one in report writing and presentation skills and I personally believe these are important. In addition, one also gets to meet and interact with current HR practitioners from different walks of life.

Tiffany Leong – Mike Gorrie HRM Award
Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Reward Management


Having little background in HR, I was looking for a good course which would give me a good grounding and headstart in this profession. After speaking to friends, my first move was to sign up for SHRI Academy’s Post Graduate Diploma in Human Capital Management and it did not disappoint. The lessons were interesting, engaging and definitely enabled us to learn effectively about HR.

This course provides the necessary background knowledge for those who lack prior HR experience. Also, it allows one to learn in an interesting and engaging environment. Time just flew by over the seven month duration of the course.

 Christine Chua Wei Li – Gold Award
Postgraduate Diploma in Human Capital Management


With the encouragement and support of my line manager, I enrolled myself into SHRI Academy’s Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Reward Management. Having worked in the HR field without any formal training, it has always been my desire to obtain a postgraduate diploma certificate in HR from a recognised institution. I chose to specialise in Reward Management because it is the area which I am particularly interested in and wish to progress in this field.

One of the key takeaways for me is that learning does not necessarily take place through the reading of textbooks or reference guides. Group discussions helped me absorb a lot of information.

Chai Xiu Wen – Gold Award
Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Reward Management


I was motivated to sign up for the postgraduate diploma because of my lack of background knowledge in HR, given that my job scope requires such a skillset, especially in training and development. The course met my expectations as it covered the overall spectrum and at the same time, had training and development modules.

Besides equipping me with the theoretical knowledge of HR and training and development, the course also provided networking opportunities with people from different industries and programmes. It allowed me to reflect on my company’s situation and propose initiatives for improvement.

Hazelle Ke Yang – Gold Award
Postgraduate Diploma in HR and Training & Development

I am not a HR practitioner yet but I wanted a career shift as I believe the HR profession offers stability and good prospects. I chose to take up the Basic Certificate in Human Resource Management course.

From the course, I learnt about some of the key points in the Singapore Employment Act, including employee leave entitlements and benefits. I also learnt the various methods of calculating an employee’s salary and Central Provident Fund contributions.

Florence Tam – Certificate of Commendation
Basic Certificate in Human Resource Management

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